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Oscars Best & Worst, Off Shoulder Top in Commons + Pajama Wearing in Public | 3 Articles on Dress

Oscars best & worst, an off-the-shoulder dress worn in Parliament, and pajama wearing in public as uncivilized behavior? Let's discuss the latest articles in a new 3 articles on dress.

⚜️ The Oscars were this past Sunday and this year's red carpet looks were bold and beautiful. You can see a lot of the red carpet looks in this article here. I loved the following looks from Mindy Kaling, Regina King, and Margot Robbie. Watch today's video to find out who my best dressed was. I would love to hear who your best and worst dressed pics were from this year's Academy Awards.

⚜️ The second article was sent to me by Ashleigh Powles regarding the Labour MP who wore an off-the-shoulder dress to Commons.

Labour MP Tracy Brabin defends the outfit she wore to Commons even though she received a lot of criticism. What do you think? Was her outfit professional? Or did it lack professionalism? You'll hear my opinion in today's video.

⚜️ Jeanette Gadeberg sent me this article regarding China's actions to crack down on pajama wearing in public.

I am not going to discuss the governmental aspect of this story as I don't want to go there... but I found their definition of Uncivilized behavior rather interesting:

"Uncivilized behavior refers to when people behave and act in ways that violate public order because they lack public morals," read a post on WeChat, a common social messaging app, which has since been deleted.

The wearing of pajamas in public "has brought about a kind of complacent, undisciplined mind set," it concluded.

Let us know what you think about the articles discussed in today's video.

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I wish that too... wouldn't it be nice?? :)

Thank you for joining me today. I would love to know who your picks for best and worst dressed are. Also, what did you think of the other articles? Let us know and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on The Daily Connoisseur.

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Louise said...

Thank you for your tactful and thoughtful comments. I don't watch the Oscars, but thought many of the gowns were gorgeous. I did agree on your "least favorite" choice, for the reasons you stated.
As for the woman in Parliament, I did think the dress was not appropriate for the venue. The dress, while not too risqué, was distracting and unprofessional for her position. It detracts from anything serious that she has to say. I would feel the same way if I saw a male member of Parliament wearing a tank top, or even a tee-shirt.

Ingeborg said...

For me Scarlett Johansson stood out with her neutral but festive dress. Very feminine! As for the men: I agree, Leonardo Di Caprio is the best dressed man! What a beautiful, classic look. Great video, I enjoyed it very much.

Rebecca said...

Hi, Jennifer!
Thank you for another great analysis of this topic!
I agree with the Oscars best-dressed woman! She looked fantastic! I appreciate how she was displaying class by not showing off too much skin. We all know that women have breasts and thighs. We really don't need to remind or show others. Women constantly "talk" about being treated with respect and not as sex objects. I believe that the women who dress provocatively are asking to be treated as sex objects, rather than being respected as a professional. Let's leave some room for imagination. Why is it that men dress so much more classy than women in these situations? Even at the swimming pool, men wear swim trunks with more fabric than women. Curious...
And then the pajama article. WOW! The wearing of pajamas in public is quite embarrassing. However, shaming people not to do so isn't appropriate. Couldn't they make it a law (like littering) and fine people for doing it? Just a thought. Isn't this showing how our Western culture is spreading to other parts of the world? Humm
If women want to be treated with respect and have our opinions taken seriously, then let's dress the part.

KinderLearningBunnies said...

I was shopping at Old Navy today and the new dresses they have out for spring remind me of your ten-item wardrobe. Tasteful yet stylish and even better affordable. You should check them out. As for the award shows and their attire, I'm almost speechless. How can people who have "stylists" go out into the public dressed in some of these gowns? It's shocking. I recently was shopping at a department store later in the early evening when an older man stopped me and complimented me on being the only woman he'd seen all day in 'real clothes". I replied with a thank you. I was wearing black pants and a top. Nothing fancy but not my exercise attire.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Louise, I totally agree!

Ingeborg, yes, her dress was lovely too. The color really suited her... Thank you!

Rebecca, you're not alone in thinking this. A lot of people wonder the same things...

KinderLearningBunnies, I checked out the Old Navy dresses and they are great. You're right! We went to the pet store today and all of the women were in yoga pants. I'm not even exaggerating. So I hear you...

Thanks for commenting, ladies! I appreciate you!

~ Jennifer