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How to Use Your Planner to Develop Good Habits and Achieve Goals


Happy New Year! It's great to be back on The Daily Connoisseur.

Most of us have a planner but we don’t use it optimally. In today’s video I’m sharing how you can use your planner for more than just scheduling your month. You can use it as a tool to help you develop good habits and achieve your goals. 

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Here is my 5-step process to developing good habits through proper planning:

1. Write down your goals. Most planners have a section that allows you to write down goals. If not, they might have a few blank pages that you can use for this purpose. Why should we write down our goals? I am linking a Forbes article  that shares the neuroscience behind writing down your goals in order to achieve them. The neuroscience occurs on two levels: external storage and encoding. Both of these components work together to help keep our goals front and center in our minds. 

 2. Visualize the end as if it’s already happened. Ask yourself: What do you need to do to get there? So take your goal and imagine that you’ve already achieved it. It can be something as big as publishing a book or something as small as clearing the clutter from your closet. What does the end look like? What will it take to get you there? This step is purely thinking. 

 3. Write down all the action steps that you need to take to get you there. Schedule this in your planner. If we are going with the example of the book, you will need to write it, right? So make a plan to write every day. Draft out the time. Make sure it’s consistent. Make it realistic. Let’s say you plan to write from 5:30 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. each morning before the family wakes up. Write that down in your planner. If your goal is to declutter your closet, write down the action plan for that. Do you notice that so far, all we’ve been doing is dreaming and writing? This is the crucial foundation. 

 4. Set a deadline and mark this in your planner calendar. If I know someone is coming over, I can tidy the house like a maniac. That deadline sets me into action. We need deadlines to accomplish our goals. Set deadlines for your goals. If I have a deadline to finish a book manuscript, you better believe I’m going to take that seriously. Set a realistic deadline to achieve your goal. 

 5. Actually do the action steps. Consistently. Hold yourself accountable. Do it. When you finish each day, check it off in your planner. Commit to these actionable habits for 30 days at a time. When you are finished with the 30 days, you might not want to quit. Let’s say you want to read 5 classic books this year that you’ve always wanted to read. Set aside time each night before you go to bed (instead of watching TV) that will allow you to read for 30 minutes. Guess what? After 30 days, I bet you will enjoy the new habit so much that you won’t want to quit and go back to your old ways. 

 BONUS: Keep your goals to yourself. Don’t speak about your goals unless you have someone you love and trust implicitly with your dreams. Many people lack vision or have a negative outlook on life. And all it takes is for someone to belittle your dreams to make you to fall slightly off track. If that does happen, just hold that criticism in your pocket and smile at their lack of vision when you finally do achieve your goal.

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I would love to know... what are your dreams and goals for the new year? Remember to dream big! I hope you enjoyed today's video. I look forward to this new season on The Daily Connoisseur and happy new year!

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DD said...

One thing that really helps in attaining goals is to make them concrete. For example, "Make one vegetarian meal per week" is a concrete goal while "feed my family better" is vague and forgettable. Also, you can "measure" your success by counting or checking off the vegetarian meals you serve. Concrete, measurable goals work for me!