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Meditative Homemaking on a Rainy Winter's Day


The rain is falling in tempered streams today. I’m able to do some meditative homemaking in peace. Won’t you join me? 

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Welcome back to The Daily Connoisseur. I have a light homemaking list to tackle today. I need to do the laundry, clean the kitchen, and make some pretty arrangements from the winter garden. And, of course, have a cup of tea. 

Candle by Cellar Door Candle Co. Music Box by Music Box Attic, Painting by Jeffrey Lloyd Barnes, Flowers from Horchow. 

But first, I need to finish getting ready. I find that getting dressed each day improves my motivation. I carefully select an outfit from my ten-item wardrobe based on the weather, what I’m doing that day, and how I’m feeling. Then I accessorize my outfit accordingly. I usually style my hair and wear light makeup. When I open my music box jewel box each morning and hear the Music of the Night, I can’t tell you how happy I feel. 

 Time for the laundry. I do a little bit of laundry every day. There’s always at least one load that needs to be done. Today, I’m doing the children’s laundry. I’ll get that going and then go downstairs to clean the kitchen. Here are a few quotes on laundry that I love: 

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls." - Pablo Picasso 

“We should all do what, in the long run, gives us joy, even if it is only picking grapes or sorting the laundry.” - E.B. White 

“As for laundry, I might characterize it as approaching the moral realm; there are days when it seems a miracle to be able to make dirty things clean.” - Kathleen Norris 

“I love doing laundry! Except for putting it in the dryer, taking it out and folding it and then putting it away.” - Anonymous 

The kitchen is one of those areas that needs constant daily attention. There’s a flow and function that takes place in the kitchen each day. Items to throw away, recycle, food to prepare, dishes to wash, dishes to unload, floors to be swept, tablecloths to lay down, herbs to cut, flower arrangements to refresh. There’s a lot. I probably didn’t even cover 1/3 of the things that take place in the kitchen each day. The key is to not procrastinate with it, but rather to enjoy it and get it done with. On a day like today, when I’m waiting for the rain to return, I like to be with my own thoughts. I get the best ideas while I’m cleaning the kitchen. 

Ok, now that I’ve gotten the cleaning work done in the kitchen, it’s time to have some creative fun. My parents gave me some giant grapefruits and lots of lemons from their garden so I’m going to do a cheerful citrus arrangement on a platter. I think this will look best on the ledge above the table, so I need to wipe that down first. There’s something so cheerful about the color yellow! Right now, our yellow roses are in bloom too. What a great pop of color on such a gloomy day. 

Wind chime by Astarin Wind Chimes JLS10 for 10% off 

Time to venture outside for another winter arrangement. During the winter months when the garden is largely dormant, I like to get creative with my bouquets. Our bay tree not only produces bay leaves for cooking, but they look beautiful in arrangements too and are very fragrant. I’m going to clip some leaves before the rain returns. Sometimes I’ll combine the bay leaves with lavender, which we also have on hand this winter, and the occasional roses that are experiencing a winter bloom. This particular bay leaf arrangement is for the living room. I’m going to place it in a blue and white ginger jar to liven up the dark corner with some vibrant life. 

 By the way, people are always asking how we keep white sofas with small children. Well, this is my secret. I cover the sofas in white and cream plush blankets. They protect the sofas and still look pretty good. I wash the blankets once a week. And if company comes over, I’ll generally take the blankets off. But that’s how we do it. I love the coziness of this room. My favorite part in the room is the artwork. 

Hibiscus Beauty Elixir Tea by Pique  DAILYC for 5% off 

 Let’s enjoy a cup of tea together now. I can tell the storm is returning. It’s getting windy outside. I’m using the Pique hibiscus beauty elixir. I love this tea. It’s delicious. I’m having it with a slice of cherry pie… and reading Gwen John’s biography by Sue Roe. I’m taking my time with this book but keep coming back to it. John’s life was so interesting, and I love her artwork. I like to study artist’s lives. I find the creative process fascinating. 

The rain is beginning to fall again. The air is changed with moisture. I need to close the shutters upstairs. Thank you for joining me today for meditations on homemaking. I hope I was able to keep you company with your homemaking today too. 

Thank you to Blueland for bringing us this video. Get your first hand soap duo for 20% off by clicking the link below. Keep calm and remain classy… and see you next time.

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Madame Chic in Poland... 

Comment of the Week

Kathryn Morgan writes, "Oh this is so relatable. This happened to me this year in Nutcracker - thought all was well...until I looked in the mirror from behind.... 2 huge rips in my tights. Had to totally get out of the tutu, pointe shoes, etc, and restart. Haha so I'm so right there with you!"

Hi Kathryn, that is a whole new level of stress right there! Happy new year!

I hope you enjoyed today's video and that it kept you company with your own homemaking.

See you soon!



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Unknown said...

Are you not doing the monthly chic assignments this year? Did I miss the post for January?

The Daily Connoisseur said...

The Chic Assignments will resume in February. Thank you! ~ Jennifer

Ania Mozdżeń said...

Dear Jennifer,
best regards from Poland;) My name’s Ania and I have been following your channel since 2013. I adore your books and e-courses. All of your internet activity has changed my life immensely. I would like to say how grateful I am, Jennifer;) Thank you and please keep doing what you do;) If possible I would like you to share your ideas on how you organise you day with the kids - I mean I am a mother of two and do not homeschool my daughters … but it seems you still have more time and get more things done than me;)) Is there anyone to help you with your kids or is it the kind of attitide you have?;) What’s the secret?;)) Kind regrads, Ania