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How to Look Good from Behind | 5 Tips to Look Great


We tend to style ourselves from the front. We will do our hair that way. We don’t look at the back of our outfit. Today I’m here to ask you: what do you look like from behind? Do you even know? 

I'm going to share 5 key areas we need to focus on in order to look good from behind. Let's go!

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1. The head. Many people don’t think about this. A lot of ladies style their hair looking only at the front. In order to reach the back of your hair you might pull it all forward but when you finish, have you smoothed out the back? Make sure the back of your hair is as presentable as the front. 

 2. The back. Here are a few unpresentable things that might be happening back there: your bra strap might be showing. You might have an ill-fitting bra causing pinching of the rolls, rather than a smoothing effect. Your tag could be sticking out. How many times has that happened to you? . You might have lint or dog hair on the back of your shirt. It's always a great idea to use the lint roller on your blouse before you put it on so you can reach all the spaces. If you have trouble with your bra straps staying in place you can use wardrobe tape to keep them hidden. 

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 3. The derrière. So many things to consider here. Always look at your outfit from behind. Is the view flattering? Is it what you want to see? If you’ve read Lessons from Madame Chic you will recall the story about the woman who had a hole in the bottom area of her trousers. Complete horror story, right? Make sure there are no holes. Also, make sure your pants fit correctly. Are they too tight? You can find smoothing undergarments that can help. 

 4. Legs- however you like to maintain your legs, pay attention to those too. For me, I need to make sure my skin isn’t ashy and dry. That’s a big problem I struggle with. Don't forget to moisturize your legs if they are going to be on display. Don't forget the magic power of hosiery! Hipstik (JEN15 for 15% off) is my favorite hosiery brand. I love the elastic waste that never slips or fails. 

 5. Your heels! This one is huge! Dry, cracked heels are very unflattering.  If you are not able to take care of this, wear shoes that cover your heels. This foot file is the best one I have found and you can find it for a good price on Amazon

I hope you enjoy today's video. 

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Mimi writes, "One of my goals this year is to re-establish my relationships with friends. The pandemic has made me realize how much I need contact with those special people in my life."

Hi Mimi, that is a great goal. I think the pandemic has made us all cherish our friendships more dearly. 

Thank you for watching! I hope you enjoyed today's video. I would love to know... what do you look like from behind? What are your strengths here and what do you struggle with? Let us know and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the blog. 

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