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New Jeans for my Ten-Item Wardrobe | Flat-Front Classic Dark Wash Jeans | Jennifer L. Scott

When you actively do the ten-item wardrobe, each season will likely present at least one or two holes in your wardrobe, where you will need to shop for just the right thing to fit in with your other items. One of my holes this year is a pair of jeans. I had a great pair of AG jeans for several years. Then during my pregnancy period, I wore maternity jeans. Now I am ready for a new pair.

Because my time is so limited, I did not go to a shop, but rather ordered them online. This time I tried an unexpected place: Land's End.

Normally, I would go to Nordstrom or another department store with a plethora of jeans to choose from, but I was looking for something very specific: a classic pair of dark wash jeans with no holes, preferably with a flat front.

Spanx has a jean like this but it is skin tight and has holes in it... so it didn't quite fit my list. But I found these jeans on Land's End and ordered them. I am pleasantly surprised!

I initially ordered a size 8, but they were too big and stretchy so I ordered a 6 with a 30 inseam (I am 5'5") and they fit perfectly.

I like to wear these with my Blondo booties and, as you can see in the video, they also look great with ballet flats.

I was looking for flat-front jeans particularly because after having my fourth baby, I needed jeans that slim in the tummy area. If you don't have flat-front jeans and would like to slim the tummy, use the infinity beltto keep the button tab down. I love the infinity belt and am so happy to have discovered it!

I hope you enjoy watching today's video. If you have any great jean brands to recommend, please let us know in the comment section below.

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Comment of the Week
On last week's freezer meal post, Kathryn writes, "Jennifer, I love all your food-related videos! They are so helpful for getting out of a food rut, as you say. I actually tried out HomeChef after your video, and it's been so fun to savor flavors outside of our go-to meals. In this "little kid" phase of life, we rarely go out to eat, so this kind of filled that gap of trying out new, fun foods. Thanks for the tip, and thank you so much for the peeks inside your hard-working kitchen!

The really big question though, is what is the story behind those beautiful earrings in the beginning of the video? They are so elegant, and kudos to you for wearing drop earrings while holding your baby! He must not be in the grabby phase yet ;) My daughter would make mincemeat out of my ears with those! Sigh...someday! Thank you for all your hard work, and have a beautiful weekend with your family."

Thank you, Kathryn. I love when my reviews prove helpful for others. Ben and I love Home Chef too and are using them again. The earrings are by Ana Luisa. I reviewed them back in December in this blogpost. Thank you for checking back in with us to let us know your experience!

Thanks for joining me for today's post. Do you have the perfect pair of jeans? I'd love to know what they are. See you tomorrow for a quick announcement :)

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Ladylike said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for sharing your jeans experience~ I love Lands End for cashmere turtleneck sweaters. I buy one every year. They also have wonderful swimwear, sleepwear, and outerwear. My teenage son received many Christmas gifts from Lands End this year. I looked at the jeans you purchased, and I noticed that some reviewers said that the blue color was rubbing off the jeans. I hope that is not happening for you. For that reason, I decided not to purchase the jeans. My jeans quest continues~ But I do thank you for sharing.

Warm best,

DD said...

I'm surprised at your surprise with Lands End. LE is my high end, and I rarely pay their full price because they have great sales. I've returned some items because they didn't fit or I didn't like the color, but among the literal hundreds of items I've ordered from LE over my lifetime I've only returned one for a quality issue. They shipped a replacement immediately. I just washed my 25-year-old LE winter jacket, and it looks brand new and still keeps me warm in Colorado winters. The stretch in my 15-year-old LE classic tank swimsuit is as snappy as ever and its black and white print is still black and white, not gray and gray. I was a bit taken aback by your "Lands End? Who knew?" but then I thought, "$200 for a pair of jeans? Who knew?" Shows how different people are. Brands like Lands End, LL Bean, and Eddie Bauer sell quality stuff and they are serious about their reputations. A person might not like everything on these brands' websites, but for the most part it's good stuff at a reasonable price. And it's not all "gear" or granny clothes!

Gigi said...

My first question would be this: Are those real front pockets? I want a real front pocket on my jeans and have been fooled before.

My current favorite is the J Crew high waisted skinny jean, which I usually find at J Crew Mercantile. Although, the last couple of times that I've went in search of them I've been disappointed as there weren't a lot to choose from - hopefully they aren't discontinuing them.

Mimi Gregor said...

I don't need a pair of jeans right now, but I will definitely keep Land's End in mind when I do need a new pair. They were totally under my radar as far as jeans are concerned.

On another matter, I bought those fleece-lined tights that you had raved about in a previous blog. Wow! They are so warm, and yet they aren't overly thick. Also, they are SO soft and comfortable. I just wore them while running errands with a dress on an 11 degree day, and my legs didn't feel cold at all.

Vicki Zimmerman said...

Thank you for sharing your denim jeans purchase with your readers! I love a good, classic, dark wash, no holes or distressing, pair of jeans and it looks like these are worth trying. I have a pair of AG skinnies I wear often and the fabrication is soft yet the wash is too casually light. But, I was looking for a pair of dark wash jeans to replace my very old pair of J. Brand, which I've had for years! So, I ordered a pair like yours and I did somewhat size down to a 2 as I'm 5'3" and 110# after reading the reviews. If necessary, I will return them for a size 4. So, I appreciate your update and follow-up on the video. They look wonderful on you with the tops you've shown and I can always count on you for quality clothing that is cut well and looks both modern and classic.

As someone else posted above, I also bought the fleece-lined tights you recommended and they are spectacular. I was so pleasantly surprised and now my legs will stay warm when layering with a dress! You are the best, Jennifer! I love your Blog and Vlog.

Michele said...

I was also excited to see that they carry the jeans in plus sizes, yay! Thank you for sharing your finds with us. Thanks to the Sylvaine Delacourte fragrances I can wear perfume again. They don’t seem to trigger my scent allergies. Love your blog and channel. ๐Ÿ’—