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When a Garment Doesn't Work Out | Sweater Coat Return | Jennifer L. Scott

Not every venture will be a success in your ten-item wardrobe. If you ever partake in online shopping, you will frequently come across an order that is better left returned. I had been eyeing this sweater coat from the Peruvian Connection since August. Of course it looks gorgeous on the model and I thought it would be perfect for my ten-item wardrobe (this would be considered an extra).

But at nearly $300, I hesitated and waited until Black Friday to order. It never went on sale, but I ordered it anyway. I was disappointed when it arrived and wasn't a good fit for me.

Please note: I am not critiquing the quality. The quality of this sweater is excellent. It's woven from soft alpaca and is so luxurious. The fit was off for me. It looked like a bathrobe and I was bothered by the lack of pockets.

When you order something online, sometimes the temptation is there to keep it just because it's too much of a bother to ship it back, but don't settle. Every piece in your ten-item wardrobe needs to be a star. I ended up returning this piece.

I thought about scrapping this video, but I actually think it's valuable for me to show you my process. When I buy something I really analyze it. This is what goes into a thoughtful ten-item wardrobe.

I hope you enjoy today's video.

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Comment of the Week
On Tuesday's Etiquette announcement post, Donna writes, "Jennifer, you are really on to something with this post. I'm still trying to think of a story, conundrum or observation but I read all 7 comments above like I was devouring the latest Grisham novel. I openly laughed out loud!! I giggled along with the couple who witnessed the dog in the theater, really feel for the lady who has to watch her in-laws sleep, and truly the lady who feels like she could be "delivering a bag of Ice cubes" had me in stitches! The last story about the dental floss leaves me speechless!! You are going to get enough stories to write another book!! Your readers are the best. I can't wait to read more stories. Looking forward to your and Ben's video on this topic. (donna)"

Donna, your comment made me laugh! I feel the same way! I have been reading the comments all week and feel like I should have a bowl of popcorn too! I can't wait to shoot the video with Ben.

Today I would love to hear from you. Do you enjoy these ten-item wardrobe process videos? I almost scrapped this video when the coat didn't work out, but then I realized it might be valuable to see me analyze a garment like this. I always love your feedback. Thank you and I'll see you tomorrow for an all new Natural Home with Jennifer.

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Debby said...

Have you seen the new Cozy Wrap Sweater Blazer at JCrew online? It sounds like it might be what you are looking for and there is 25% off right now.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you, Debby! I'll check it out.

Anonymous said...

Yes--I have had the same experience with buying sweater coats online! In fact, I have three nice wool "bathrobes" in my wardrobe as I never returned my mistakes. One makes me look like my sofa. However, I live in Chicago where a wool robe comes in handy to wear around the house in the winter; even the sofa print comes out when temps dip below zero.

Karen said...

I'm so glad that you didn't scrap this video. It makes me feel better about my purchases. :) You've seemed to have the best luck of everything fitting from zulily and I haven't, and was especially bummed when they didn't allow returns. I'm completely guilty of "making" things work that are too big for me, especially if the size smaller is sold out by then. I will make myself continue to wear the too big item...sigh! :)

Frenchcaligirl said...

Like Karen, above, I’m glad you posted the video. I just ordered a dress from Sundance that I kept for about a week because I loved it so much. The issue was that I couldn’t think of when or where I would wear it. So in considering price per wear, I wouldn’t get a lot of use out of it. For that reason, I felt that returning it was the best option.
In looking for a navy sweater coat, I recommend checking the QVC website and search for “wool sweater.”. They have a lot of longer length Irish wool sweaters with pockets. I have a navy double breasted one that I like a lot, no hood though on that one. Check sizing measurements as they often run large. I wear a 6/8 and get xs or s in the Irish sweaters.

BachMom said...

I appreciate that you share adjustments, imperfections in life, etc.! Along these lines, I'm wondering if you would ever share your current typical daily schedule, and what has changed from earlier years. I know now you're homeschooling (at least I think you are?) and have more children than a couple of years ago. I really enjoy reading about peoples' routines, and as a mom of 2 that works at home part-time while oldest is in school & youngest is in part-time preschool, I especially enjoy reading about daily routines of other moms who thoughtfully approach their time & calendar. I enjoy your posts although I rarely comment! Thank you!

Gigi said...

I love that you said you wished you were a fashion designer as I often think the exact same thing when I am looking for something specific and can see it in my head; and of course it doesn't exist in the real world.

Anonymous said...

I buy knitwear from Woolovers, a U.K. company. Well below the price you paid for beautiful items including sweater coats or coatigans as they call them.

Unknown said...

I haven't bought anything from Sezane (it's currently out of my price range) but they have a navy coat that I thought was very pretty. I'll try to link it. It's the Jared coat in case the link doesn't work.


Anonymous said...

You made the right call, it really looked too much like a bathrobe. Like others, I also enjoy the ten item wardrobe process videos.

Be careful buying from Woolovers - I have had some great pieces but the last two items I bought pilled so badly they were unwearable after one season. This might be an item you need to shop in person for.


Mimi Gregor said...

Yeah... it really did look like a bathrobe. Heck, even my bathrobe has pockets!

Because it's such a pain to return things, I am loathe to purchase clothing online if I haven't tried a particular line in person. Keeping things I am not excited about is not an option. If I don't look at myself in the mirror and think "Hell, YEAH!"... then it's a no.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi ladies,

Thank you for your comments and for those of you who left suggestions. I did return the sweater coat and have already been refunded. I haven't found what I'm looking for yet. You know me... it has to be just right to fit into my wardrobe. I was laughing at all of the bathrobe comments! People were also saying it looks like a boxer's gown. Ha! Not the look I was going for :)