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Clean with Me | Master Bathroom | Natural Home with Jennifer

On today's episode of Natural Home with Jennifer, I'm cleaning our master bathroom using natural cleaning products. Our master bathroom is quite large so it takes a long time to clean, but I find it very relaxing and satisfying to tackle this room once a week and clean it from top to bottom.

I usually wipe the countertops a few times a week, but the deep clean comes once a week.

I'm using Grove Collaborative's cleaning concentrates in the lavender & thyme scent for today's cleaning. I like these concentrates because they clean well, smell like a fresh spa, and are eco-friendly due to their limited packaging. The 3-pack of concentrates sell for $7.95, making each bottle only $2.65 each, so they are very affordable too.

Grove's January promotion for new customers is the following: receive a 3-pack of cleaning concentrates, a Grove spray bottle, a new matte cleaning caddy, and walnut scrubber sponges when you spend $20. Existing customers receive a set of walnut scrubber sponges in their next order.

During the video, I also share a few products with you that I have been using in my beauty routine. The first is La Beauté hair serum. I discovered this by using a sample given to me at a beauty supply. This works amazingly to tame frizz and give a smooth blow-dry.

Another item I share is the eco tools makeup brush wipes. I use these every other day to wipe my makeup brushes. It does the trick for in-between washes. I try to wash them with soap and water every ten days to two weeks.

Also mentioned in the video is Bend Soap natural deodorant and goat milk soaps (use code DC10 for 10% off your first order). To clean the floor, I first vacuum with my cordless Dyson (which I absolutely love). I then mop the floor with Method's Squirt + Mop tile floor cleaner and my microfiber mop. This is the camera I use to film my videos and this is the ring light.

I hope you enjoyed cleaning with me in today's video. I would love to know what products you like to use to clean your bathrooms.

Be sure to stop by the blog tomorrow for my latest collaboration with Halsbrook. I'll be collaging their beautiful pieces for winter/ resort 2019. See you then!

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DeannaS said...

I always enjoy your videos. Thank you for posting these. I purchased a set of eCloths but have used them yet. Do you use your eCloths in other areas (other than the bathroom) for cleaning and then use Grove products in the bathroom only?

DeannaS said...

Sorry, I meant to say I have not tried the eCloths yet.

Marina said...

Thank you for the motivation!

I see some Jo Malone there :) Are you still using the Blackberry Bay?

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi ladies, thank you for commenting!

Deanna- I do use eCloths for the bathroom too. I use them everywhere except for the toilet. In this video, I was highlighting the Grove concentrates, which I also use. I just switch it up. But you can definitely use the eCloths in the bathroom.

Marina- yes, that is the Blackberry & Bay. I don't use it as often, but the bottle is beautiful. I still love the perfume.