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Velvet Padded Headbands & Velvet Hair Bows | Duchess of Cambridge

Hello Daily Connoisseurs,

In today's video I'm trying out a hair accessory trend that has recently been embraced by The Duchess of Cambridge: velvet headbands and hair ties.

While I am still suffering from postpartum hair loss and the awkwardness that comes from the regrowth, I am still enjoying doing my hair and wearing a new hair accessory trend that is right up my alley.

The Duchess of Cambridge has recently been sporting several velvet hair accessory looks and I adore them! They are ladylike and playful and a wonderful nod to girlhood.

Let's start with the velvet hair tie look. This is a very chic and accessible ladylike look that anyone could replicate.

I have found two different styles on Amazon for affordable prices.

The first option is this velvet scrunchie with rabbit ties (12 pack). The wire in the tie allows you to manipulate the bow in whatever way you please. I have found a pack on Amazon that comes with multiple scrunchies in varying colors.

The second option is this velvet scrunchie with the optional removable bow (this is a six piece set with different colors). This bow is much larger and is similar to the one the Duchess is wearing in the picture. This one also comes with many colorful hair ties in the same multi-pack. I have been loving this hair accessory. It is my favorite!

Next, let's explore velvet headbands. This is a more daring look as these headbands rise up quite high on the head. But I believe, worn correctly, these headbands would make stunning and, yes, regal statements for a special event.

Have a look at how both Catherine and Pippa like to wear their headbands...

In today's video I share how to wear the headband with a half up half down do...

As well as an updo. This would be perfect to wear to a special event.

I hope you enjoy today's video. What do you think of the velvet hair accessory look?

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Comment of the Week
On last week's Homemaker's post, Anon writes, "Jennifer, What a beautiful video! You continue to be such a blessing and I do so appreciate you. :-)
My mom often talks about a great-aunt who lived in a farmhouse in the country. She describes the swept floors, clean kitchen, nicely made quilted beds, sheer curtains on the windows, and neat walk-in closets upstairs. Although my mom was very little at the time, five or six years old, she often says that her house was one of the nicest she had ever been in. Clean, comfortable (obviously not trendy or ornate) but so welcoming. Even though I never met Aunt Louise, I can see her and her home in my imagination and she is always an inspiration to me."

Dear Anon, I loved your comment. I wish we could all interview your Aunt Louise. I'm happy your mother had such precious memories of her!

Thank you for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed these hair tutorials. Would you ever wear velvet hair accessories? I'll see you next time for the Chic Assignment for August!

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Johanna said...

The velvet accessories are really pretty. The headband reminds me a bit of portraits from the middle ages: think Anne Boleyn and her scandalous French hood. Especially when viewed from the front. It's a very pretty statement look for dressier occasions. It think it would look fantastic with a simple evening gown in the same shade.

hostess of the humble bungalow said...

I used to have a balck velvet bow with a clip....I absolutely loved it and purged it several years ago when I had my hair cut into a pixie...now I am growing it and wish I had kept it...I love the added luxe of a velvet accent. Love gossgrain ribbon bows on the Ferragammo shoes too.
I very much like the looks that you have shown here.

Frenchcaligirl said...

All of the styles you shared are so pretty. The green headband was especially beautiful with your eyes, quite regal looking.πŸ‘ΈπŸ»

Erica said...

Your hair is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this elegant look.

Kgirl said...

Wow, retro. This really takes me back. I used to love the practicalities of a scrunchie, which seemed so much nicer than a plain elastic band. I wore scrunchies all through the 80s, 90s and yes even early 2000s. All until I saw an episode of 'Sex & the City' where Carrie gathered the girls around and said something like 'she was wearing a SCRUNCHIE' and they all recoiled in horror. And so did I at the realisation that I must have become incredibly unfashionable without realising it. So I threw my scrunchies away. I'm not sure if I can go back. I think all these velvet looks (and you'll also notice when the Duchess wears them) are deeply, deeply winter. Like, for snowy conditions. It seems strange to think of wearing them now but I do adore the one of you with the messy bun and the green headband. I think it would be something for a very 'proper' slightly retro/royal occasion (like the theatre or opera) rather than everyday. Maybe?

Deborah said...

I love these and have ordered some!
I have worn scrunchies in my hair for the last 15 years, and never cared if they were in fashion or not. All I cared was 3 things: 1. They hold my hair well 2. They are simple to use 3. They don't hurt my hair! I used to wear additional flowers or bows or pearl barrettes, but they had metal clips, and even if I tried to use them as an accessory only (with a hidden scrunchie beneath for actually holding my hair), I still noticed I had a lot of hair that was being slowly "sawn" short where the metal edges hit my hair. Nope, not gonna! My hair itself is my crowning glory and keeping it long, safe and healthy trumps fashion, glamour, etc.
So, these velvet scrunchies and bows are exciting! The best of both worlds!
Thanks once again, Jennifer! hugs!