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Shaye Elliott + Jennifer L. Scott Interview | Elliott Homestead Daily Connoisseur

My interview series continues on The Daily Connoisseur with author, homesteader and YouTuber extraordinaire, Shaye Elliott from The Elliott Homestead.

I had so much fun chatting with Shaye! She and I have a lot in common: we both have four children, we both homeschool, we are both writers, and we share a lot of the same life philosophies. I just know that you will love our conversation. I didn't want it to end and I hope that Shaye will come back to be a guest on the channel again.

Here is a list of Shaye's books: The Elliott Homestead: From Scratch: Traditional, whole-foods dishes for easy, everyday meals, Welcome to the Farm: How-to Wisdom from The Elliott Homestead and Seasons at the Farm: Year-Round Celebrations at the Elliott Homestead.

Shaye's essential oil link for doTERRA can be found here. And her blog can be found here.

I hope you enjoy today's video and that you have a lovely weekend!

I would love to hear your thoughts on all of the topics that Shaye and I discussed.

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*Please note: consult your doctor before treating any ailments with essential oils. The host is not liable for any advice given on the channel and the views of the guests do not necessarily reflects the views of the host.


Kgirl said...

Wow, this has been one of my favourite interviews. What an inspiring lady. Your respect and knowledge of each other's work is also so obvious, it's lovely to see. I'm so glad you touched on her skincare and make-up because Shaye not only sounds so sophisticated and educate but also appears really well put together. I was wondering if she had eyelash extensions and have been waiting for you to make some kind of social comment about this for a while, ha ha. I know someone who calls eyelash extensions a 'game-changer' but I feel like I am seeing awful ones on every third woman lately. Shaye's seem relatively natural viewed from my small screen but I am seeing lashes around me every day that look so unnatural and massive that they are the first thing you see on a person's face (and not in a good way). I saw ones the other day that looked so long and heavy they must have been doing damage to the person's eyelids. Anyway, this seems to have somehow turned into an eyelash extension rant LOL, but thank you for a very lovely interview and introducing me to Shaye. Maybe you could do a separate video on eyelash extensions as I'm sure you will see some pretty inappropriate ones out there when you do some investigation. :-)

Deborah said...

LOL! well, I'll briefly continue the eyelash conversation.
Shaye is obviously doing something right because she is so healthy, has so much energy, accomplishes so much, and has made me seriously interested in essential oils. She is a good billboard for DoTerra!
I think Shaye is naturally beautiful, and an amazing woman, however the lashes are distracting to me as well. I also don't care for bright lipstick on any woman, for the same reason. Neither seems to keep with the "no-makeup look". We all appreciate the look of flawless skin, even if it requires a bit of foundation, or concealer, etc. And lip gloss can be a nice touch but... Less is More!

OK, one more comment - about "every woman has a waist, accentuate it." I love Shaye's call to femininity! But I had to laugh because... well...snowmen have waists too! And that's what I feel like if I wear an exposed waistband, or a tie at the waist. However, Jennifer, like that beige sweater top you wear, which sits just below the waist... it still accentuates the feminine waist because it's drape is soft enough. On we women without as slim a waistline, it's a much softer look than a tie or band of any kind.
The half apron is very cute, yes, but not as protective, as you instinctively know. Can't wait to see how you come through your experiment. You could then do a whole blog-post on aprons.

Allegra said...

Wow. I find this hard to support as a long-time reader and follower. Perhaps I could have, had the Doterra plug and link been left out of the post. I am sure Shaye is truly a lovely lady, however, I stopped following her and others once Doterra swallowed them up. Doterra has a 25% discount off retail for wellness advocates. Who knows what the real wholesale vs retail mark-up is but it is enough for Doterra to make a huge profit and enough to pay advocates like Shaye $40,000, a month. The 25% discount between the wholesale cost a wellness advocate gets and the suggested retail price is hardly enough of a margin to create a supplemental income for say, a SAHM. Evidence that Doterra is a pyramid with the goal to make money by recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. A wellness advocate would not offer a $150 kit as an incentive to sign up as a wellness advocate unless that person was more monetarily valuable to the wellness advocate by becoming a wellness advocate in their downline as opposed to being a retail customer. I know the, “but you can get free stuff by being an advocate when you order, and you get the 25% discount” argument. Sure, but you have to order approx at least $100.00, a month, and they could still get free gifts as it is at the discretion of the wellness advocate to offer gift with purchase to retail customers. As a side note, Oregano oil is a blood thinner. I go to a Naturopathic Doctor for some things and I worked with one while fighting candida after the birth of my son. She treated me with oregano oil and it helped and I use EOs everyday but I came to feel that it is us moms that were going to get EOs regulated by our claims. Just food for thought.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi ladies,

Thank you for commenting!

Kgirl, I never know what to expect with your comments so I'm glad you liked the interview :) I tried eyelash extensions years ago (over 10 years ago) and they didn't look natural on me, but I think the technology changed. I think they look great on Shaye. I don't have the time to keep them up though otherwise I'd consider them.

Deborah- I loved how in-depth your comment was too! I laughed at your waist analysis! Thanks for sharing your perspective.

Allegra- I hear you. In this interview series I always leave information about my guests- where to find them, etc. Whenever anyone interviews me for my work, I always leave my blog, YouTube channel and book links, for example. I don't profit off of Shaye's doTERRA link at all and I do not sell doTERRA. I just left it in my blog as a courtesy to Shaye and for anyone who wants to contact her about oils.

Thanks for reading and commenting, ladies!



Allegra said...

Thank you for the response Jennifer.

Taking a Blogger perspective, I get it, and I did enjoy Shaye......and I await Angela's
interview ;)

Warmest Regards,


Rita Michele said...

Hi Jennifer! I enjoyed this interview, but I want to share some concerns I have about Shaye's presentation of the essential oils. I am a licensed esthetician, so this is my professional viewpoint. Essential oils should always be diluted with a carrier oil, never applied full strength to the skin. They should never be taken internally. Also, Doterra as well as Young Living have both been warned by the FDA for making false health claims. Shaye made a comment about using a particular oil to treat cancer. Statements like this could get her into legal trouble, and you could be held liable for allowing her to share such false health claims on your platform. If I were you, I would consult a lawyer just to be safe. Shaye did not promote the safe use of essential oils. Folks following the dangerous practices she described could be seriously harmed. There is no research to back up many of the claims such companies make about what their products can "cure". I use essential oils, and there is valid research supporting their use as antibacterial agents and for altering mood and treating pain. Any claims beyond that are bunk and are actually based in New Age beliefs. Be well, Rita