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Gorgeous Neutral Nails Fall 2019 Londontown | 9-free Nails | Modern Opulence

I look forward to unboxing Londontown's 9-free nail polish every season.

They are very thoughtful and always send me their newest shades and nail care products. This fall and winter, their Modern Opulence collection really surprised me: beautiful taupe and plum smoky neutrals that, I believe, would compliment every skin complexion.

Honeymoon This is a note-worthy, opaque nude

Crowning crumpet a sheer nude that is reminiscent of Barefoot in Barcelona.

Cashmere A plum color as luxurious as your favorite cashmere sweater.

Starstruck a silvery shimmer polish. I have one coat on my pinky and two coats on my other nails.

"9-Free" products do not contain: Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, TPHP, Acetone, Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, DBP, Toulene, Camphor
Made in the USA
Florium Complex Infused
Londontown polishes are certified by PETA!

Illuminating nail concealer A universally flattering iridescent brightener that protects from yellowing while adding a healthy brightness and illumination to the nail.

Also featured: soft touch nail scrub, gel genius base coat, gel genius top coat and accelerating drying oil.

Use code JenniferS for 25% off your order (first time orders). Thank you, Londontown for sending me your beautiful polishes! I hope you enjoy today's video. I would love to know, which shade is your favorite?

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Mimi Gregor said...

Thank you for turning me on to Londontown. I had previously given up on nail polishes entirely, as they usually did not last long, took forever to dry, and I had to touch them up on a daily basis. But Londontown not only is 9 free (which is initially why I tried it), but the shine lasts all week, even though it does chip on me a bit. So I do touch it up once during the week, but not on a nightly basis like before. Also, I find that it dries quickly even without the nail drying oil. I only wish they had larger bottles of the remover, as it would be not only more economical in the long run, but greener. The remover works better than any other one I have tried, and it actually smells nice -- not like acetone.

Their colors all look wonderful, but I pretty much stick to shades that look like natural nails, but better. Teatime is the one I go with, but I may try the illuminating concealer next time I place an order.

Kgirl said...

Wow, I think Crowning Crumpet is the first one of their shades I actually love the sight of. I thought I would've liked Honeymoon from the colour in the bottle but there's still something about their polishes that looks somewhat paint-like in texture when they're on and not that natural to me. There's something glossy about Crowning Crumpet that seems to defy this, though. I'm typing this in my faithful Essie 'Mademoiselle' and still thank you for putting me on to that brand. :-)

Deborah said...

Hi Jennifer,
I'm with Mimi - I like the "le no-paint" look. With that being said, neutrals are generally nice and subtle. Of the four they sent you this time, I like two and dislike two. I dislike the glitter - it's too gaudy, and the cashmere because it makes ones fingernails look like they're lacking oxygen and turning "blue-gray". The color in some other application would be nice, but not on fingernails - just my opinion. I may try the illuminating concealer too! Thanks Jennifer (and Mimi too), for sharing your reasons for liking Londontown in general.

sandy said...

I just wanted to also say thank you for introducing me to the London Town product line. I ordered the gel top coat as I trusted your recommendation and so glad I did. I am someone who cleans and cooks a lot and have my hands in water frequently. I was getting gel manicures as that was the only think that would last. Not any more!! I just go get a regular manicure for half the price and bring the Londontown top coat with me. Not a chip between my 2 week appointments. A product that does what it says is always a surprise to me, especially in the beauty world. I also like the fact that doesn't have a lot of the toxic chemicals other lines have and I don't have to sit under UV lights any longer or soak my fingers in nail polisher remover. I am a fan and will be giving many bottles as gifts for Christmas.