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Ten-Item Capsule Wardrobe Talk-Through | Fall 2019

I'm talking through my fall ten-item capsule wardrobe in today's video. This year saw many new pieces, more than any in the past due to the reset I was desiring after having worn maternity/ nursing clothes for so many years.

I hope you enjoy today's video.

Core item no. 1 Everlane dress (I am also providing a link for a budget option that is a perfect dupe). The color and length of this dress are my favorite aspects of it. It's perfect for fall and will also look great with an oversize sweater and riding boots.

Core item no. 2 Plaid dress by Velvet by Graham & Spencer (earrings are by Ana Luisa Jewelry code Jennifer10 gives you $10 off your first order). Navy croc ballet flats are no longer available, linking similar here. This dress reminds me of the Duchess of Cambridge. I just love it! Chic, simple, and regal.

Core item no. 3 Draper James denim chambray shift dress paired with leopard sandals. This dress is so effortless. I love it.

Core item no. 4 wrap dress by J.Jill is great for the fall and winter seasons and will be fun to accessorize. Extras: brown riding boots (linking similar). I am so glad I walked in to J.Jill . I am looking forward to wearing this dress during fall and winter. It will be fun to style and accessorize.

Core Item no. 5 Burgundy floral boho dress from Target. extras: tie-waist sweater, Blondo ankle boots. This has a wonderful bohemian vibe and is so far the most worn item in my capsule wardrobe. I love wearing this particularly at home. It's so comfortable, yet presentable.

Core item no. 6 Black button cinched waist tunic dress (Zara in store) linking similar here and here. Extras: black leggings, ballet flats. I've worn this twice so far and each time have been so happy with it. It also has washed well.

Core Item no. 7 Loft blouse I am very happy I decided to go with my gut and purchase this blouse. I bought it at a significant discount and had to ask myself if I was getting it because it was on sale, or because I love it. Well, I love it! It's very flattering and makes jeans look so presentable.

Core item no. 8 Midnight blue floral dress linking similar here and here. This was from my extreme budget wardrobe from two years ago and I still love it. I'm looking forward to styling it creatively this fall and winter.

Core item no. 9
Mott & Bow dark wash denim jeans
use code JLS10 for 10% off first time orders extras featured: tan tunic tee is from Zara, but I am linking a similar one, and tan pashmina (linking similar)
These particular jeans fit so well and I love the crop.

Core item no. 10 Mott & Bow black denim Extras: Mott & Bow cashmere v-neck. Use code JLS10 for 10% off first time orders for Mott & Bow.

Also featured in the video: my phone case is by Casetify . My eye makeup is by The Organic Skin Co. (shade burnish).


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Comment of the Week

Noelia writes, "I think this is your best 10 item wardrobe to date. I love every single piece in it. I also just wanted to say a massive thank you to you for bringing the 10 item wardrobe into our lives. I’ve been watching your videos for years but only a couple of months ago I discovered your blog. I started reading it from the beginning and then I bought your book “Lessons from Madame Chic” where you also talk about the 10 item wardrobe. And then, I “got it”. I finally understood what you have been saying all along. I have never had many clothes but I used to save my nicest ones for “best” and used to wear just cheap or old ones on an everyday basis. This Autumn I have decided to really give it a go and, 3 weeks in, I know this is it for me. I will not go back to buying because it’s on a sale or because I “need” to have it. I will be more mindful of my purchases now and will wear all of my clothes because every day is that “best”. Thanks for all of your hard work about this. I really appreciate it. 😊"

Noelia, your comment was so encouraging and the most liked comment on YouTube. I am so excited to hear how your ten-item wardrobe journey goes!

I hope you enjoyed today's talk-through of the ten-item wardrobe. I would love to know how your wardrobe is coming along. Let us know and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the blog.

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Aussie Connoisseur said...

Hi Jennifer,

you have picked some beautiful pieces which are very flattering for you. I would not worry that the gorgeous blouse you are wearing is in a Spring palette.

Personally, I stick to the colours that really suit me no matter what the season. The only concession I might make is, for instance, to wear chocolate brown trousers in the Autumn, but pair them with a pale blue shirt and cream sweater as those colours look good on me always. For Winter I have a raspberry pink wool coat from Boden. Whilst this is not a typical Winter colour, I am constantly complimented on it. People love to see a pop of colour when everyone else is wearing black, and it is very flattering to my skin tone. I would look very washed out in black. I wear navy as a base colour in every season as it co-ordinates with almost everything.


Donna said...

Jennifer, your fall wardrobe is beautiful. I'll look forward to seeing you wear all the pieces during your fall videos. I loved the Loft blouse so much that I drove to my local Loft store and bought it for my daughter. She is 26 and I think it will look amazing on her. Mailed it to her yesterday. She lives in Charleston, SC and even though everyone thinks it's a spring color I can say that it's a perfect color for at least three seasons in Charleston. Thank you so much for your wonderful videos and for bringing us the idea of a 10 item wardrobe.

Kgirl said...

Wow, everything looks beautiful. I was a little surprised by the first brown dress because it was spaghetti strap and you were showing a bit more skin than usual for you. But you look gorgeous. Have also been wondering what your neighbours think while you're shooting these videos, ha ha.