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Parisienne Farmgirl Angela Reed x Jennifer L. Scott Interview

My interview series continues on The Daily Connoisseur with the lovely Angela Reed from Parisienne Farmgirl. Angela has a beautiful YouTube channel and blog where she documents her stylish life that is both farm girl and style maven.

Angela is the author of the book, From France to the Farm. We discuss everything from makeup, to skincare, to style, to poetry that brings us to tears in today's chat. Make yourself a cup of tea and join us for another lovely conversation.

Mentioned in today's video: Angela and I shared our favorite resources for buying antiques and paintings for our homes. I mentioned eBay as one of my favorite sources. I'm listing my favorite eBay antique stores here for your reference: Cathedral Fine Art, Delphifineart, Unusualfindscompanyinc , Jose Trujillo, and blue and white porcelain on eBay

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I hope you enjoy today's interview.

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Comment of the Week
flynn1a writes, "I used to teach at a school where the drama teacher was a master of the minimal wardrobe. Every day she wore slim-fitting,dark-colored pants with a neutral or pale top and every now and then a brightly-colored flyaway cardigan. You never really noticed what she was wearing; you just noticed that she always looked great, very professional, very polished. You saw HER; you didn’t see clothes. The downside is that she probably didn’t get many compliments on her outfits. But she also probably didn’t get people thinking, “THAT dress again!?” The key seems to be neutrals. I also noticed this in Paris. Women from 20 to 70(+?) were generally dressed in neutrals."

Flynnla, I really enjoyed hearing about your former colleague. We all have those women who have stood out to us for their simple style, which shows that sometimes less really is more!

I hope you enjoyed today's interview. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on all of the topics Angela and I discussed.

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Deborah said...

Hi Jennifer,

I want to say how much I enjoyed this interview with Angela - many excellent questions. She is a delightful woman with many insights and values. I watched a couple of her videos before finishing the interview video, and came up with a couple things I wanted to comment on, overall:

When your video "freezes", don't worry, we can still hear the conversation, it seems to just be the visual that freezes. It's nice that you do mention it, just so your audience isn't wondering "is it my computer?" or "does she realize the picture is freezing?". But we can still hear both of you, at least I could.

I know it's not about other people's opinions, but I say you should go by your instincts and not wear red lipstick! You look perfect the way you are. I agree with you that it just wouldn't match your nature nor your la-no-makeup-look platform. It's actually one of the things I appreciate about you and your message to women.

When watching Angela's videos, I was struck by how happy her children are, and how they seem to get along with one another so well. She's doing a marvelous job with her family - in spite of being an introvert! And I'll add that I also enjoy watching your children on the occasions we see them. For example, the snip of your older daughter carefully dusting her shelf and respectfully placing the memento back, really spoke to me. But actually, I love all the ones with your children and Ben, too.

I have learned and been inspired so much from your channel, Jennifer, and all the resources you have presented, and the trickle-down from them. I agree with Angela, you are doing a wonderful work.

By the way, I've mentioned "Dressing Your Truth" before, and through that I learned not only what direction to go to find my true style, I also learned a lot about myself being an introvert. Anyhow, now that I just finished reading "Connoisseur Kids", my next book to read, will be "Introverted Mom" - and I'm not even a mother.


The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi Deborah,

Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I really appreciated it! If you're not a mother yet, you might enjoy the book, Quiet, more. That is also on introversion. I'm so glad you enjoyed the interview with Angela. Thank you for watching!

Jennifer xx

Deborah said...

Thank you Jennifer, it means a lot to me to know that you read our comments!
I was not able to be a mother, but I was a step-mother, and now a step-grandmother, which is much more fun, of course!
I do have a "secondary" nature that is animated and talkative, but it usually takes over when I am not being heard, or am self-conscious or nervous. And I often regret a lot of it later. I prefer writing! :)
I will definitely check out the "Quiet" book, thanks for the recommendation. I am slowly finding my true self - your comment that it's taken you until you're almost 40 made me chuckle... I'm mid-50's and finally discovering this! But it's such a good place to be, no matter our age.

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Dana said...

As a long time follower of Angela's I was thrilled that you interviewed her, Jennifer! I'm also a homeschool mom who has graduated my children (25, 23, and 20) -- and an introvert as well. Your discussion on living as an introvert was the most compelling part of the interview. To give you a bit of encouragement -- homeschooling is over in a blink of an eye! I treasure the years I had with my children and would not trade it for all the extra money or time to myself I might have had with a different path. But it is definitely a calling because when you are tempted to give up, you have to remember that. When I was in the thick of homeschooling Karen Andreola was a voice of quiet reason -- and she has just come out with a new book called Mother Culture. (She also has a blog and is a Charlotte Mason expert) It very much dovetails with all you do, Jennifer. Thank you for your lovely books and content here on youtube!