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Extreme Junk Drawer Declutter | Jennifer L. Scott

Today I have some much needed junk drawer therapy for you. Clear your junk drawer (or drawers as in my case) along with me and let's get organized.

I find that my junk drawers form when I'm tidying quickly and/or trying to keep things out of my children's reach. I can have a bad habit of stuffing items in drawers so they are temporarily out of sight. This has resulted in three junk drawers in our home (or drunk drawers as I keep calling them. I can't talk in today's video! :) My children also are in the habit of putting things in our junk drawers as you will see. I find some crazy things in there!

Today's video is a collaboration with the lovely Robin from Faith and Flour. Robin has such a great YouTube channel! She has a lovely manner about her and her videos are so pleasing to watch. Show Robin some love and check out her video after you watch mine. Make sure you tell her I say hello and subscribe as well!

A few things I mention in my video today:

Rainy Day Classics This is a great classical music album, great for anyone looking for a comprehensive collection.

La Bonne Cuisine de Madame E Saint Ange is a classic French cookbook my parents gave me. I have a great idea for a series surrounding this book. Stay tuned!

I clean my drawers with my e-cloth. I love the e-cloth! It cleans with just water and picks up so much with its tightly woven bristles.

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You're seeing it here first! A sneak peek of one of the illustrations in my new book, CONNOISSEUR KIDS, which is coming out this JULY (!) from Chronicle Books. This is from Clare Owen's Instagram page. She is the wonderfully talented illustrator ❤️

Comment of the Week
From last week's Etiquette post on YouTube, Maria writes, "I see that people unawareness is the same all over the world, people don't enjoy the moment they are living but rather put filters between them and what they are doing: instead of enjoying a concert, a play at the theatre, a conversation with friends or a dinner, they are worried about what is 'other' than that moment. So, they take photos instead of watching, they video instead of listening, they check socials instead of socializing. This is the symptom of lack of self-knowledge and profound ignorance. Is there a cure? I doubt there is...
A hug from Italy, dear Jennifer. I love your books, they are on my bed-side table."

Hi Maria, I really liked your comment and thought it was spot-on. I have noticed this too and it's a shame. Ben and I will be shooting a part 2 to the etiquette video so stay tuned!

Thank you for joining me today. I would love to clear your junk drawers along with me. Let me know how you did!

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Vicki Zimmerman said...

First off, how exciting to see one of the illustrations from your next book on Instagram and I find the illustration to be both imaginative and understandable at the same time. Even though I don't have children (cats, yes, and happy to see one here!), I buy all of your books, because there's something to learn in each one of them.

Now, on to decluttering the junk drawers. It's so motivating to see you, too, as human and to acknowledge how these areas can materialize in our homes over time. I always remember those two phrases from your first book about cleaning up "Hot Spots" and "Stagnate Spaces" and this is so true. Our junk drawer is organized in the kitchen and we have bamboo drawer organizers which really help. In another drawer, we use mesh drawer dividers and both really keep things in order and just look know upon opening, as yours do.

Yesterday, I was up in Beverly Hills from Orange County, to help my brother pack up his office for a temporary move to Century City, and it was a really productive day. When I finish this post, I'm going to go through the files on my home office desk and declutter there. Next up will be a dresser drawer with a stack of old photos. Thanks, Jennifer, for the inspiration and I can't wait to see what you have in store with the cookbook "La Bonne Cuisine de Madame E. Saint-Ange" you mentioned.

DJ said...

Hi Jennifer, It's after dinner here on the east coast and I'm just making a little "Jennifer" time to see what you posted today. I am thrilled to see your video - it was so timely . First, I have a very similar Sony boom-box sitting on the end of my kitchen counter!!! I've had mind since the 90's so it did my heart good to see that you have one too!! I still use mine a lot. I worked on my "junk" attic today. A little bigger task than a junk drawer but it's the same idea. Just like with a junk drawer it's amazing what a person can toss in the attic and forget!! I still have more work to do but I made good progress today. Sometimes it's difficult to discard old treasures but I held up stuff and ask myself if that particular item "gave me pleasure", did I want to have to "deal with it again" in the future and what would Madame Chic do?? -those questions really helped me let go! When I finish the attic, I'll definitely need to get to
my junk drawer! Thanks for the inspiration. (Donna)

Princessmorningglory said...

I’ve never commented before but I cannot thank you enough for keeping it real and still showing you can be a gracious lady! You are amazing I’ve read every book and watch every video. You’ve inspired me over and over. Your work here is very worthwhile. I appreciate it more than I can say. πŸ’•
Linda from AR