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1 Floral Maxi Dress 4 Ways | Casual to Dressy

My floral maxi dress: it's one of the most versatile core pieces in my ten-item wardrobe. How can it be that I love to wear this dress around the house, and I also wear it to special events like a wedding? In today's video I'm going to share four different ways to style a floral maxi dress to take it from casual to dressy.

Before we begin, this is the (budget) floral maxi dress I am wearing in today's video. I am also listing several other options here:

Lulu's has a beautiful floral maxi dress in many different colors.

Lulu's Darling Daydream Floral Maxi is another beautiful option.

As a budget option, I am linking this well-reviewed Vintage Floral maxi dress from Amazon.

For very low cut dresses, you will need a demi-camisole.

Look no. 1: Casual Everyday
This is how I most often wear this dress: with flat nude patent sandals, white leggings underneath, my hair tied up and casual jewelry. It's just a beautiful way to dress for no particular reason.

If it's sunny outside, I like to wear a large sunhat (linking similar).

Look no. 2: Casual Wedge
This look is casual yet slightly dressy with the added height from the wedge. I'm tying my hair back in a ponytail and wearing drop earrings. This would be great for a lunch meeting or even a casual dinner.

Look no. 3: Elegant and dressy
I'm pairing the floral maxi dress with closed-toe Ferragamo heels (linking comparable budget heels here) and pearl earrings. You could also wear a shawl with this on colder days. This is a great look for a wedding or a special performance. A nude clutch will finish off the look.

Look no. 4: Dressy and Glamorous
These ultra high Jimmy Choo strappy sandals paired with the high-end gemstone jewelry make this look beautiful for a fancy wedding or even a red carpet event. Jimmy Choo is a very pricey brand so I am also linking a budget strappy sandal here.

The pearl earrings, hoop earrings, and gold bracelet featured are from Ana Luisa Jewelry NY
Use code Jennifer10 for $10 off your order

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Comment of the Week
On last week's stress video, Lorraine B writes, "I love every one of your tips, and would love to hear Mr. Connoisseur's perspective also! I really enjoy knitting for myself and also gifts for friends & family. I would like to add that gifting some of your hand made items also relieves stress. Thinking of your loved ones as you cook, bake, garden, sew, knit, crochet, ect. for them makes you feel more connected to them emotionally. And seeing the joy & appreciation as they receive it does even more so.
My husband and I both enjoy listening to classical music, which we have you to thank for! We've never cultivated a love for classical music until you inspired us to, so thank you."

Hi Lorraine, gifting the handmade items is a wonderful idea. I love your thoughts on how thinking of our loved ones as we create things can alleviate our stress. That is so true because it puts everything in perspective. Thank you for your comment!

I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend. Thank you to the men and women who have served our country. We remember those soldiers who have given their lives for our freedom and are so grateful to them.

I would love to know how you like to style your dresses to take them from casual to dressy. Thank you and I will see you soon!

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Anonymous said...

That's amazing. Well presented.

Susan said...

The stress is lovely, but please NO to the visible leggings. Jennifer Scott with yoga pants under her elegant dress??? Never thought I’d see the day. 😊

Susan said...

Dress, I meant dress.

Anne Marie said...

I loved the leggings look! Great ideas, Jennifer.

Unknown said...

Love the looks and your makeup is beautiful, you look stunning. I would love to know the products you are wearing. Also, do you generally make investments in designer shoes as a practice? I always waiver if I should invest in that high end as I would be crushed if I stepped in a crack or got a scuff.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi ladies, thank you so much for watching! I enjoyed creating this video.

Unknown, I'm actually wearing a natural makeup line called A'DEL in this video. I'm reviewing them soon on Natural Home with Jennifer. I do find the high-quality shoes to be different. I have a lot of foot issues and find the Ferragamos to be the most comfortable, support-wise. I have taken my shoes to the cobbler too when they needed a repair. Thank you!

zephyr said...

Love the leggings under the dress! I think the only acceptable way to wear leggings (unless during a workout) is this way, or with a long knee-length tunic-style garment or sweater.

I've been wearing a long botanical-print rayon dress to several events over the past year and a half - mostly weddings. It's a flowy shirtwaist style, with three-quarter length sleeves, buttons all the way down the front. It's amazingly comfortable and quite elegant! I have extremely pale legs, and don't have to worry about that at all. Strappy 3" heels work perfectly with it. Have two more weddings coming up in the fall and I'll probably wear this again to those, lol!

Kgirl said...

Lovely. Except this dress was crying out for a pretty and sophisticated pink or peach nail colour. Really not a fan of that chalky blue, sorry.

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chelsey said...

Wow Jennifer! I never knew you had such opinionated commenters on your blog as I usually watch the videos on YouTube... People nit-picking leggings and Nail color... Jeesh!

Amyways I loved the video, its nice to see something a bit different and yes, I would love a shoe collection video - what woman doesn't love shoes??