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The Clueless Gardeners Plant a Bay and Plum Tree

The Clueless Gardeners are back and more clueless than ever! In today's video we are having mature plum and bay trees planted in our backyard garden.

Ben wanted privacy from the neighbors in our backyard... I was more interested having fruit that we could pick this summer. At any rate, we both got what we wanted in the form of two beautiful trees: a plum and a bay tree.

The plum tree

I would have preferred to have another fruit tree in lieu of the bay but Ben convinced me. The bay tree is so exotic and beautiful and you can use its leaves in cooking. As soon as we get our kitchen back I am looking forward to flavoring our soups and sauces with bay leaves!

The bay tree

Today's video is a collaboration with our real life friends who have a YouTube channel called The Busy Gardener. Cameron and his family are wonderful and, if you like gardening videos, I highly recommend their channel. They are actually knowledgable with gardening... ha! They have many videos featuring their beautiful Southern California orchard. Be sure to check out their channel, tell them we said, "hello" and subscribe!

Thank you for joining us today. I hope you have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday!

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Frenchcaligirl said...

Beautiful choices! Love the Clueless Gardners. Very relatable.

Annette Tice said...

Nice work! Never thought of planting a Bay tree, but planning on getting a plum tree as well. Love your blog and videos!

JennyP said...

Well done they look great.We have a topiary bay in a traditional pot and the leaves are lovely in soup and casseroles and you can use small branches if you prune it to make Christmas wreaths etc.Heading into winter here enjoy your spring/summer garden.

Gypsy Liz & Co. said...

I love this! Thanks for also showing us progress on your veggie garden. I am trying to grow Brussels sprouts for the first time this year, and appreciated seeing what a mature plant with the sprout is going to look like.

Jo said...

I envy you those trees, especially the bay. I love to use it in cooking.

You shouldn't have to hire someone to remove your weeds - someone (or ones!) in your family can get a good workout by doing it! It would also be a lesson on how weeds (in gardens AND in life!) must be kept under control or they will take over. Ask me how I know ; )

Enjoy your new trees and thank you for the link to the Busy Gardener. While I'm at it, quite awhile back you recommended the Sounds Like Reign YouTube channel, and I want to thank you SO much! I've been quite blessed by their music and Christian witness.

DJ said...

Happy Mother's Day, Jennifer! You are a wonderful mother. Those trees are a fantastic Mother's Day gift!