# 5-minute rebound routine # at home exercise

Rebound with Me | May 2019 | 5-minute Routine

Hello my fellow rebounders, I'm back with another rebounding video for you. This is a 5-minute routine I recorded yesterday. As always, please remember these videos are for entertainment purposes only and to please consult your physician before embarking on rebounding.

This is the exact rebounder I use for those of you who are interested. Also, these are the jogger pants I am wearing in the video.

I hope you enjoy this month's routine. It's been fun connecting with those of you who are jumping along with me! If you do jump, I hope that you also smile along with me too. :)

With love,


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Anonymous said...

I appreciate these occasional Rebounder videos - reminds me to get back on mine - I have a terrible time doing it regularlyly, so hopefully each reminder will get me to do it a little more. I do feel much better emotionally and it improves my energy when I Rebound a little. And it seems to help my knees and back if I do simple moves only (but it I do it incorrectly it hurts my knees.)
I especially appreciate that you reinforce how only 5 minutes can be enough! And no guilt if that's all I do. Thank you!!

DJ said...

So glad to see you exercising - hope that means your back pain is gone!!! Looking forward to pictures of your kitchen during the remodel. Have enjoyed all your videos this week. Excited to start the May chic assignment.

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer, really enjoyed this video and the music you paired with it, make me want to get moving! Can you please post the name of the song you used? Thank you!