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Homemaking Week in the Life | The Art of the Tablecloth

Welcome to a new Homemaking Week in the Life. Today we are spotlighting the tablecloth. We use tablecloths on both our kitchen table, as well as our dining room table. The kitchen table is new and has a beautiful wood top. I would be inclined to show the top, however, my children are still young and have spills, smudges, and all around messiness at dinner time. I know that the table will end up with food crusted in the grooves, which is hard to get out and unsightly. So we top the tablec with a plastic protective layer that easily wipes off spills.

On top of that, I will place a pretty tablecloth. Sometimes I will also put cloth or rattan placemats on top (this is a wonderful layering technique I learned from my mother-in-law who has the best taste in interior design). Beautifully laid tables are all about the layers. And a bouquet makes the whole table look so inviting.

I like to make each tablecloth last all day, if possible, so I have tactics of how I keep it neat with my younger children. The baby is still in a high chair, but my four-year-old will get extra napkins under his placemat if we are having a messy meal (as you will see in today's video).

While I use tablecloths to protect the table in the kitchen, I use them to cover the unsightliness of our dining room table. That table has seen better days and the top is scratched and damaged from years of use. A tablecloth covers this elegantly.

The Tablecloth
Each morning it awaits the bustle;
Each night it is restored to right.
Doing the duty of a work horse;
In unassuming blue and white.

We gather round the table;
No less than three times a day.
It’s wiped and ruffled and straightened—
And topped with a bouquet.

- Jennifer L. Scott

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Comment of the Week
Kim H. writes, "I do this periodically. .. I call it "use it up! " week. I challenge myself to only buying what I absolutely must from the store (eggs, bananas, etc) and then get creative to try to empty the fridge, freezer and pantry. It's always fun to see how creative I can get. Your fish pasta looked really good!"

Hi Kim, my favorite part about cooking is the creativity involved. Because I never have all of the ingredients for any given recipe, I enjoy improvising. Cooking is forgiving with experimentation, whereas baking is not. Thanks for your comment!

I hope you enjoyed today's homemaking week in the life. I would love to know how your homemaking journey is coming along. Let us know and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the blog.

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Pola said...

Hi Jennifer, how fun to read your poem and see it synchronized beautifully with the video scene, so poetic :) I like those typed films of yours very much and can see a lot of effort goes into your productions, also the music you chose is so pretty and peaceful, thank you for sharing.