# blue toile # budget bathroom makeover

Master Bedroom and Bathroom Makeover | French Country Toile

We recently updated our master bedroom and bathroom with a beautiful French Country look... but we did it on a budget. We put up gorgeous toile wallpaper in the bedroom and added some paint to the bathroom for dramatic results.

Let's look at the before picture of our bedroom.

The walls were painted a light moss color and there was no character in the room. The shutters and view are beautiful, but the space needed some color.

The wallpaper we used is Ashford House Champagne Toile. It is a beautiful traditional toile in French blue that depicts idyllic scenes of 18th century country life. The beautiful blue colors makes us feel like we are in a cloud. It is very romantic and pleasing to the eye.

When I walk into the room, I feel like I'm entering a charming bed and breakfast in the French countryside.

We will eventually put paintings on the walls, but this will take some time. For now, we're enjoying the wonderful change!

The sheets are by American Blossom Linens* (Jennifer20 for 20% off), the silk pillowcases* are by Lilysilk (Daily12 for 12% off), and the linen ruffle bedspread sits at the foot of the bed.

Let's have a look at the bathroom. Here is the before...

Our bathroom was quite dated and had a lot of clashing dark colors that fought with the lavender walls.

Because we could not afford to renovate the bathroom with new floors, countertops, and vanities, we simply had the cabinets painted (Crème by Sherwin Williams), added handles, changed the light fixture, and painted the walls. These small changes made a big impact and the bathroom looks so lovely and serene now. The wall color is Navajo White by Sherwin Williams.

We replaced the old and dated theatre strip lighting with a more modern lighting fixture.

The towel set is a gorgeous basketweave Turkish towel* set by Riverbend Home. The pretty shell bath rugs* are also from Riverbend Home.

Also featured in the video:
Bend Soap Co.* natural bath products DC10 for 10% off
Cellar Door Candles* Oregon Lavender & White Verbena
My earrings are the Genevieve pearl earrings by SKYE* code Jennifer20 for 20% off

I hope you enjoy today's video.

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Young Food Lover said...

Hi Jennifer, I love the French Country Toile look. Your bedroom looks like a lovely haven. I live in an apartment so I didn't want to do the walls and then have to paint them white when I moved out. I opted for a beautiful blue and white toile sheets set. I have a white summer coverlet to go with and the outcome is a very cozy, elegant retreat.
Thanks for sharing your home.

tara said...

Hi Jennifer. Your new bedroom is wonderfully calm and serene. A tip my decorator gave me if you have dents in the carpet from moving furniture is to gently run a clothes steamer over them and they will pop back up. I obviously wouldn't not do it without patch testing a small area but it worked wonders for me.

miss agnes said...

Your bedroom looks bigger now, and so cozy. I am amazed by what a lot of difference these small changes in the bathroom made. The new cream color on the wall and the cabinets totally transform the room. All of it on a budget. A great inspiration, thanks for sharing.

DJ said...

Jennifer, your bedroom is so lovely now. It's amazing how much larger the room looks. My bathroom is about a tenth the size of yours but I have the exact same tile as you!! Years ago I painted the cabinets white!! I also have the strip lights - maybe it's time for me to change that! I really like your new light fixture. The new look is fabulous - it's amazing what paint and wallpaper will do and it is budget friendly. I've been looking forward to this video - thanks for sharing. donna

A friendly hello said...

Thank you Jennifer for sharing the transformation of your bedroom and bath. You have beautiful taste. I love the idea that you decorate for you and your family, and not for social media expectations, is refreshing and wonderful. I especially love the decorating videos. :) Sincerely, Nancy

Wendy C. said...

It all looks so lovely! I know at one point you wallpaper to your closet. Did you do a video about that as well? I am madly in love with the wallpaper you put in your closet!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Ladies, thank you so much for watching and commenting. I'm so happy you enjoyed the makeover. I just love before and after videos. So much work goes into the makeover but the end result is worth it. Thank you for your kind comments. We are still enjoying the bedroom. It is so special when you walk in and, like I mentioned, feels like a fancy bed and breakfast in the French countryside!

Wendy, the wallpaper in my bedroom is from Spoonflower. My daughters and I put it up. It's not the best job, because we've never done it before, but it is doable!



Christine said...

I love the new look and especially love that you kept the tile in the bathroom. I’m a big fan of tile, and the beige and white look so good together.