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What to Look for in a Special Occasion Little Black Dress | Ten-Item Capsule Wardrobe

Every woman should have at least one special occasion dress in her wardrobe. If you follow the ten-item capsule wardrobe, you'll note that special occasion wear is included in the "extras" as you do not wear these items on a daily basis, but only a few times each year.

The most popular special occasion dress to get is, of course, the little black dress. But in today's video I encourage you to think outside the box and really contemplate what you would like in your own LBD.

In today's video I'm sharing the exciting addition to my ten-item wardrobe: The SKYE Corentin dress (code Jennifer20 for 20% off) These are worn with the Genevieve earrings .

What to look for in your darker special occasion dress:

⚜️ What shade of black? Surprise! Mine is Indigo! You do not have to have a little black dress. But I do think it is a good idea to have a dark dress in your closet for a potentially somber occasion. Charcoal grey, or deep indigo (like my dress) can work too. Whatever flatters your skin tone is what you should go for.

⚜️ A flattering fit You will want to pay close attention to fit as this dress will be in your wardrobe for years. Choose something flattering from all angles.

⚜️ A timeless silhouette Rather than settling for a popular trend, look for a classic silhouette so your dress won't seem dated in a few years. Even if it is a hot look now, consider that the trend might not be so flattering down the line.

⚜️ A dress that is elegant Look for an elegant dress. Consider a longer hemline and not look for something too short that will make you uncomfortable when you try to sit down. Consider the most flattering neckline for you and always go for elegance.

⚜️ A dress that easily transitions from occasion to occasion If you do the ten-item wardrobe, you will already have that minimalist closet mindset. This might be your only special occasion dress in a darker color so make sure you choose one that you could wear to a date night or the symphony and also to a more somber occasion such as a funeral.

⚜️ A dress you can afford Even though this is a special occasion dress, you can find one to fit in your budget. If you are on a very tight budget, consider looking at a second hand consignment store. The SKYE dress I'm wearing looks very pricey, but is only $165. If you do your research and choose well, you can find a dress that fits into your budget.

⚜️ Dry clean only or washable? If you choose a dress that is dry clean only, you will have to consider the added expense and time that will entail over the years. If you do not want to deal with that, look for a washable dress. My dress is washable and that works for my busy life as a mom.

Genevieve earrings code Jennifer20 for 20% off

⚜️ What jewelry will you wear with it? With a solid color, you can go with bolder jewelry as it won't be competing with a busy pattern. I like to wear bold earrings with this dress as it has a higher neckline. SKYE sent me these beautiful Genevieve earrings that look stunning with the dress. Code Jennifer20 gives 20% off.

⚜️ What shoes and handbag? The shoes and handbag you wear will depend on the occasion. For more casual occasions, you can even wear a tan or light nude color pair of heels. This lightens up the look, especially if your dress is dark blue.

Brooch by SKYE Jennifer20 for 20% off

⚜️ How will you style it? How will you do your hair and makeup with this dress? If your dress has a higher neckline, you can wear an updo or pull your hair back to show off the pretty top. You can wear a bold lip or conversely a smoky eye with a nude lip. All of these choices will change the look of your dress in subtle ways. You can style the dress with a coat in the winter and a wrap in the summer. A good resource for high-quality shawls is MerSea

I hope you enjoy today's video.

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Aussie Connoisseur said...

What a perfect choice, Grace Kelly sprang to mind immediately. Great tip to wear opaque tights or a longer slip for a more sombre occasion. Your figure looks fabulous in it, you must be so chuffed with your choice!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Thank you so much! yes, I love the dress so much!