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The Chic Assignment, June 2020

Welcome to The Chic Assignment for June, 2020. Before we begin, I would like to thank you as our channel has reached over 80,000 subscribers! This is a big milestone for my small channel and I appreciate each and every one of you who has subscribed. Thank you very much for your support of The Daily Connoisseur.

There are so many horrible things going on in the world right now... I hope The Chic Assignment provides a respite for you. Let's take a look at this month's assignments:

⚜️ Chic Assignment No. 1 W.A.Mozart Horn Concerto Nr.3 KV.447 in E flat major I.Allegro
Can you believe we haven't studied Mozart yet? Well, there's no time like the present. This month we are going to enjoy one of Mozart's famous horn concertos.

Here is a performance by by Radek Baborák

We will study Mozart's biography in the mid-month check-in.

⚜️ Chic Assignment no. 2 Enjoy the art of Mary Cassatt

Young Mother Sewing, 1900 by Mary Cassatt

Mary Cassatt is the American impressionist painter who loved to portray women in both social and intimate settings. Enjoy her artwork this month and observe her beautiful paintings.

Here is a great article on how Mary Cassatt painted domestic life in a way that Impressionist males couldn't.

We will go more in-depth into her paintings in the mid-month check-in.

⚜️ Chic Assignment no. 3 Begin to use one elegant thing you own, but hardly ever use. For examples, please see my video here and look forward to a new video this month with part 2.

⚜️ Chic Assignment no. 4 Spend meaningful time outdoors When we do go outside we can be preoccupied with our thoughts or our smartphones. Let's try to spend some meaningful time outdoors this month, if you are able to go outside.

As for books, I am still reading (but almost done with) Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow.

Thank you for joining me for The Chic Assignment this month. I hope you will invite a friend who would love to add culture and beauty to their life.

📍Thank you for 80,000 subscribers on YouTube! I appreciate you very much.

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Comment of the Week
pneu writes, "Delighting in the mundane is so important; thank you for sharing. We can view the innumerable tasks that make up our day as tedious, or we can choose mindfulness and take interest in the details.

Your grin as you ducked through the grape arbor reminded me of an interaction I had the other day: an acquaintance politely mocked me for my enthusiasm about the small things in life, like a bright blue robin's egg in the forest near my home, the smell of clean laundry, and my unvaried cup of coffee that delights me every morning. I just smiled and thought, "Yes, but I'm so much happier than you are..."

As a word nerd, I was interested to discover that 'mundane' comes from the Latin for 'world'. It is the mundane that makes up our world and proves a daily testing ground for character, kindness, and joy. Like you, I choose joy!

P.S. I'm delighted that your toenails look like ripe strawberries. :)"

Thank you... I loved your comment! And yes, I realize after you commented that my toes did look like strawberries :)

Thank you for joining us for The Chic Assignment for June. I look forward to hearing your observations. Tag me on social media with #thechicassignment

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1 comment:

Marmi said...

Dear Jennifer, thenk you for the reminder to use our elegant belongings and to incorporate them into our daily life. So often we might save these items 'for good' and they languish on a shelf or in a cupboard instead of bringing joy to the everyday. I own some beautiful table linens passed on from my grandmother and using them at breakfast helps me to recall many fond memories of her.

Now. can we talk about your hats? Your hat in the May Chic Assignment video was lovely, and the hat in the June video even more so. Would you please share the source and perhaps a future discussion on the beauty and practicality of hats?