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10 Ways to Keep it Classy on Social Media

In today's video I'm sharing 10 Ways to Keep it Classy on Social Media. Social networks are constantly evolving and the etiquette for this field is ever-changing. Today's video is meant to act as a guide to keep social media usage on the healthy side. I am looking forward to reading about your experiences using social media below.

Here are my best tips for keeping it classy on social media:

πŸ‘‘ Don’t overshare Avoid over-posting on social media. Keep it classy by living your real life way more than your virtual one. Detox from social media if this is something you struggle with. You don’t need to update the world on your day several times a day. Save some things. Hold them back.

πŸ‘‘ Be mindful of what you do share Be careful sharing pictures of partying and/or drunken antics, swear words, etc. You never know how they will come back to haunt you later.

πŸ‘‘ Don’t tag people without asking permission first We have all been tagged in a picture where we look highly unflattering. If you plan to post a picture on social media, it's good manners to run it by everyone else first.

πŸ‘‘ Consider your children’s privacy We all love our children and think they are the greatest, best-looking, smartest kids in the whole world (I think that about mine ☺️), but that does not mean we need to post everything about them on social media. Guard their privacy. If your children are older, ask how they feel before you post something about them. If they are too young to understand the implications, just consider erring on the side of privacy.

πŸ‘‘ Don’t steal someone else’s thunder Are you a guest at a wedding? Don’t even think about posting a picture of the bride before she herself posts. Someone in the family is pregnant? Don’t announce you’re going to be an aunty before the couple announces the baby. Your relative just got an amazing new job? Don't break the news before they do. In short, don't steal someone's thunder on social media.

πŸ‘‘ Don't be reactive I've learned this one the hard way. For many years, on social media, when I received a direct attack, I would not only respond, but react. I try not to do that anymore. It never looks good and it isn't classy behavior. To be a class act, keep your cool and don't be reactive. If someone leaves me a negative comment now, I generally ignore them.

πŸ‘‘ Don’t overly promote your business on your personal page It's totally fine to mention your work and business every now and then. Certainly celebrate accomplishments and milestones, but if you plan to promote your business on a daily basis, consider starting up a separate business page. Many people go on social media to connect with friends and family and they don't want to be marketed to all the time.

πŸ‘‘ Don’t post passive aggressive posts If you have a problem with someone, but you are afraid of confrontation, avoid posting passive aggressive posts about the person or the situation. We've all seen that vague, yet sarcastic meme that we know is a dig at someone. Avoid the drama. If you have a problem with someone, go to them directly with your problem. Don't take to social media first.

πŸ‘‘ Don’t be a troll The internet can make us feel bolder than we would in real life. Many times people will casually say something on social media they wouldn’t dare say to someone’s face. Don’t be a troll. If you have a complaint, make it in a polite way. No all caps, name calling and 10 exclamation marks please.

πŸ‘‘ Don’t make yourself look totally different than you actually look We all use filters. I use them too. They can brighten up an image and yes, make you look better. But don’t go overboard. We’ve all seen strongly filtered and/ or photoshopped images of people. It totally alters the way they look. To keep it classy, embrace how you really look. You’re handsome and you’re beautiful just the way you are.

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Lori B. writes, "I play classical music in my third grade classroom when we are doing writing. I have been incorporating the Chic Assignment suggestions and my students are loving listening to the different composers. Thank you for helping me bring culture to my students."

Dear Lori, I am so thrilled that you are incorporating the Chic Assignment with your third grade classroom. Please tell your students I say "hello"!

Thank you for watching today's video. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on keeping it classy on social media.

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Deborah said...

We need more of this type of guidance in our world!!
KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!! lol

Deborah said...

We need more guidance like this in our world!
KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!!!! lol