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Want to Write a Book? Must-See Interview | Alan Watt + Jennifer L. Scott | 90-Day Novel

My interview series continues on The Daily Connoisseur with my esteemed guest, Alan Watt. Al is my writing teacher and mentor. I've mentioned him to you many times over the years. Taking Al's class back in 2007 and the years that followed completely changed my life. I most likely would have never written my books without learning his methods for successful writing.

Whether you are an aspiring writer yourself, or you simply would like to be motivated to complete a project, today's video will be eye-opening for you.

Al runs the LA Writers' Lab and is the author of The 90-Day Novel, The 90-Day Screenplay, The 90-Day Rewrite. A successful novelist and screenwriter himself, Al teaches writers all over the world how to not only write a good book, but how to adopt the successful writing habits that all writers need.

This has been my favorite interview to date as I love everything about the writing process. I hope you enjoy today's interview.

Mentioned in our chat: The LA Writers' Lab Tuscany Retreat (oh, how I would love to go on this!), which is a 10-night retreat in May of 2020.

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I hope you enjoyed today's interview. I would love to know... have you always wanted to write a novel? Have you written a novel? Let us know in the comments below. Your comment could be chosen as comment of the week.

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John said...
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Janis Wildy said...

Thank you so much Jennifer! I loved the discussion between you two and learning about your writerly journeys!!!! Having the structure of Alan's 90 day novel is so helpful. I recommend it to writers when they ask me about getting a novel done. The daily letters really help. I also loved the way you talked about self-publishing as I'm excited to go that route when my novel is done. I love learning about marketing too! Joanna at the Creative Penn podcast and Mark Dawson at Self-publishing formula are great resources.
For now, I'm about to open up the 90 day rewrite this month and dig in. Happy Writing!

Zillah said...

So helpful! Thank you.

Deborah said...

Hi Jennifer! I just watched this interview. Oh my! I think it's my favorite of your interviews as well. Alan is so bright, humble and genuine... so wow, no wonder his class made such a difference in your life!! He also indicated that he truly understands Faith. He's a good man.
I had to laugh out loud when he said writing novels is a little terrifying because... because ... well... it's like you're playing God! And then all the tips about consistency, etc. Just so good.
I definitely intend to get his book. I expect much of the information will apply to any sort of art - visual, music, and life in general.
And I agree with Alan - I don't know how you do it all. I believe your priorities are straight; your family first, doing it well, and still doing what you love and taking care of yourself. I've often found myself "decluttering" the blogs and uTube channels I watch, based on how much value they give me on any level I wish to consider, and you always makes the cut. Videos like this definitely keep you on the top of my list.
Thank you!

Deborah said...

Hi Jennifer,
I just watched this interview. Oh my! What a great instructor, I can see why he made such a difference in your life! Alan is genuine, humble, joyful, bright - What a gem!
I had to laugh out loud when he said that writing novels was a bit terrifying because... because... well, it's like you're playing God!
I intend to get his book, I expect the basic principles will actually pertain to any art - visual, music, even life itself.
Keep up the good work, Jennifer. No matter how many times I "declutter" blogs or uTube channels, based on how much value they add to my life, in any way I wish to consider, you always make the cut. Interviews like this help keep you on the top of my list!
Thank you!

Deborah said...
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The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hello friends,

Thank you so much for watching today's interview and commenting. This interview was very special for me as writing is something I'm very passionate about and I know that Al has amazing advice to give. Carry on writing and feel free to post back on this blog with any progress you have!


Jennifer xx

kbecks said...


Thank you so much for posting this video!! I have a dream of writing and illustrating children’s dance books. Although the conversation was specifically towards writing a novel, I definitely gleaned nuggets of wisdom and encouragement from the video. I especially agreed with the simple practice of writing everyday. As a busy mama (homeschooling warrior as well), I find it sooooooo difficult to find time to work or even strike up my motivation. But this post helped me think about getting started in the simplest of terms. Just start and make it a daily habit.

By the way, I recently read your books- Lessons from Madame Chic and Polish Your Poise with Madame Chic and I just LOVED them!!! Both were so fun and meaningful. I even found that the topics were easy to incorporate into my life with my children!! I look forward to future books!

Best Regards,

Vicki Zimmerman said...

I absolutely loved this interview with your writing teacher and mentor, Alan Watt. The conversation was open, authentic, accessible, hopeful and so real. Thank you, both, so much!! In fact, I bought one of Al's books and hope to take a telecourse sometime (and wouldn't a trip abroad at one of his writing retreats be amazing!) and I was so inspired by your early story about him, that I mentioned Al's website to my friend from Boston who then took his online course, and was able to write the first draft of her novel. What’s nice about your discussion on writing is that Al mentions the excellent advice to write every day and let it flow, whether it’s 15 minutes or one hour, or even more. He also talks about trusting your voice. I loved it when he spoke about his writing angels and discussed story structure that includes desire, surrender and transformation. Wow! This was so informative and you are an amazing success story to Alan Watt's teaching style, Jennifer.