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5 Ways to Keep it Classy as a Parent

Continuing last week's discussion on how to keep it classy in a trashy society, today we are veering in a slightly different direction: how can you keep it classy as a parent? Parenting is a beautiful calling— one that brings us so much joy. But parenting can also be very trying. Even the most level-headed people can lose their cool. In today's video, I'm sharing 5 ways you can keep it classy as a parent.

πŸ‘‘ Remain calm Our children will get hysterical. Tensions will run high. We might feel tempted to join in on the hysteria (I've certainly done this before), but to keep it classy, aim to remain calm. This can be hard when you are at the end of your tether, but when regularly practiced, remaining calm becomes your first line of defense.
πŸ‘‘ Look presentable, even at home Your children do notice what you wear. If you are in the rut of wearing sweat pants everyday, make a concerted effort to dress up instead. Your children will notice and it will elevate your energy and confidence.
πŸ‘‘ Dress appropriately for your children's special events What we wear conveys so much. When we dress appropriately for our children's special events (recitals, graduations, awards ceremonies, etc.) we are showing our respect to them and all of the other children and teachers being honored.
πŸ‘‘ Don't allow yourself to be rushed There will be times where everyone in the family needs something from you (this is what often sends me into "shut-down mode", ha!) Don't allow yourself to get stressed or feel rushed over this. Just calmly prioritize each request and don't forget to delegate.
πŸ‘‘ Set the classy tone in your household The adults get to set the tone in the household. What music would you like to listen to? What is the art that is displayed? What is lauded in your home? The atmosphere sets your children's affections.

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Comment of the Week
Mara M. writes, "I used to wear yoga pants and plain shirts and tie my hair up to clean. Then I started paying attention to how it made me feel. I felt bad. I was embarrassed if I had to answer the door. Now I dress nicely every day, even if it is jeans. I still put on the jeans. And I feel sooo much better, even just being at home. I also got a bun pin so that I could put my hair up neatly when necessary."

Mara, these breakthroughs make me so joyful. I'm thrilled you are discovering the power of dressing up every day. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

In today's video, my dress is by Velvet by Graham & Spencer and my pearl jewelry is Ana Luisa (code Jennifer10 gives $10 off first-time orders).

Thank you for watching today's video. I would love to know your thoughts on how to keep it classy as a parent.

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Unknown said...

Jennifer, I love your tips & videos on how to set the right tone in our homes for our families & children. When I'm reflecting at the end of a good day, I always note the little things that I did that made a big difference in my family's overall attitude at home. Your point about turning off SpongeBob made me laugh...I love listening to French vocal jazz, & my family always teases me about my need to play French jazz softly at the dinner table. Recently, we had just sat down to dinner, & I must have been distracted because somehow the TV was still on in our adjoining dining room. Without any prompting, my 8-year-old son got up, turned off the TV, & reminded me to turn on the jazz! It warmed my heart...& reminded me that even though they may not seem to appreciate these little details at the time, these are the things that are informing our children's tastes & sensibilities as they grow into adulthood. Atmosphere really does set the affection!

Zillah said...

Oh absolutely!! Spot on. We as mothers really do set the atmosphere and tone in our home. It's so important to put ourselves in the right frame of mind...showered, dressed, and ready for the day! The days I sleep in, throw on an apologetic oversized tee and try to match pace with my children end up being the chaotic, crazy days. The two things that help me keep it classy as a mum are my perspective on life (keeping it positive, creative, and can do) and a few simple systems to keep the necessary elements of our home life turning over. Things like a morning routine, nappy bag always packed and ready, shoes and hats kept by the back door, etc. So good to be encouraged that our attitude does affect our children and we can set a home environment that sets their affections.

Anonymous said...

Decals on the walls -- oh, my goodness. That reminded me of the time we were house-hunting. We rejected the "Pokemon House". There was no way we wanted the job of scraping an entire roomful of Pokemon stickers off the walls. We also rejected places with glow-in-the-dark stars stuck to the ceiling.