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Ana Luisa Jewelry | My Picks for Spring | Jennifer L. Scott

I'm back with another fun seasonal video from Ana Luisa Jewelry. I have chosen my top 5 picks from their spring collection. I tend to have a more classic and conservative taste in jewelry and these were my favorite from their beautiful line.

Here is a fun fact from Ana Luisa Jewelry: It takes 20 tons of earth mining to produce a single ring of gold. That’s why Ana Luisa use 100% recycled gold in their products.

Endless Gold Hoop Earrings – Venus 14k fine gold plating

Lapis Lazuli Necklace - Romy Lapis Fine gold plated Delicate, feminine and featuring four gorgeous lapis lazuli gemstones

14K Gold Pearl Stud Earrings - Helen Small made of freshwater pearls

Freshwater Pearl Necklace - Naomi 14k gold natural high-grade beautiful baroque pearl

Friendship bracelet Tessa Navy Blue Fine gold plated

Ana Luisa have provided a discount code for us: Use code Jennifer10 along with my link for $10 off your order

I would love to know... which piece is your favorite? I hope you enjoyed the jewelry lookbook in today's video. I'll see you tomorrow for the May Chic Assignment!

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Thank you to Ana Luisa Jewelry for sponsoring today's video.


Frenchcaligirl said...

All of the pieces are pretty. I would select the bracelet if limited to one as a favorite. The other pieces are similar to pieces I already have. I noticed online that the bracelet also is available with either pink or green accents. I would likely favor the blue one which you have.

JennyP said...

Good morning I am a fan of pearls West Australia produces superb pearls and jewelry.Looking forward to seeing the kitchen renovation,we are saving up for new cupboard doors as I find the current ones dark and not brilliant quality.I hope your family enjoys the disruption as an adventure! Best wishes.

Deborah said...

I love both the pieces with blue... I agree that these pieces are the most unique. I am wondering if the bracelet is snug? They list it as 33cm or so, which obviously means you wrap it around and then clasp it. I would be interested in your comments on how this unique bracelet "functions" for you.

A few other observations...
1. The discount code is actually for 10% off, not $10... which is great for orders over $100, not as great for smaller orders.
2. The majority of their jewelry is gold, but I did notice more silver choices this time, which I prefer. Yea!

Thank you Jennifer

Erica said...

Hi Jennifer, these are lovely pieces. Right now I am afraid to wear nice jewelry because my baby is in the yanking phase and I don't want him to ruin my necklaces.... do you have a way of deterring your little one from yanking, or have you ever used a nursing or teething necklace? As always, thank you for your inspiration! I am rebounding with you every day!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi ladies, thank you for your comments!
Frenchcaligirl and JennyP- thank you!

Deborah, that is good to know... thank you for that!

Erica, My baby is grabby too and he actually grabbed the lapis lazuli necklace and broke it, but I was able to bond the links together again. ha! I have my rebounding video coming out tomorrow. Thank you!