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One Week of Outfits from my Ten-Item Wardrobe | Jennifer L. Scott

Hello! I hope you're having a lovely week. After having our phones for several years, Ben and I finally upgraded them. (Seriously, the screens were cracked and they were starting to malfunction. Ben's was even washed in the laundry... but that's another story!) So the good news is that it will be easier to film these outfits of the week videos for you. The bad news is that the one you're watching today was filmed on my old phone. I figured you would rather see it with its imperfect quality rather than not see it, so I'm sharing the video with you today. (Also, my old phone case is terribly scratched and smudged... real life!). Thanks for understanding!

This week was a semi-typical week for us... peppered with lots of homeschooling, doctor's appointments, playdates, cleaning, and work. Ben was out of the country when I filmed this. It was an intense time, but we all managed to pull through.

I have linked everything I can below. If an outfit I'm wearing is no longer available, I have linked similar finds. I hope you enjoy seeing the ten-item wardrobe process in action in today's video!

Trench Coat (linking similar), A.P.C. dress (no longer available) I have linked A.P.C. here and a similar dress here , here, and here., white leggings, Blondo boots, Louis Vuitton bag,

Floral maxi dress (linking similar one here), Londontown Teatime on my nails (Use code JenniferS for 25% off)

Rebecca Taylor Dress, navy leggings, Lands' End slippers (ha!) demi-camisole

The friendship bracelet is Ana Luisa Jewelry (use code Jennifer10 for $10 off your order) and the watch is Tag Heuer.

LL Bean brushstroke dress, navy cardigan, Kork-Ease sandals

LL Bean olive dress, Sam Edelman Gigi sandal

Black tee shirt Lands' End skirt (linking similar one here)

Red floral blouse (linking similar ones here and here from Nordstrom) , Lands' End jeans (these stretch! Order your size or a size lower)

Also mentioned in today's video, Emile Cordon lip balms.

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Comment of the Week
Deborah writes, "Jennifer, I love the balance you present in the 10-item wardrobe concept. I am slowly learning my personal style, importance of quality (or even what types of fabrics will wear well), insisting that things must fit properly and be comfortable (not just look good), using extras (like sweaters) especially in seasonal transitions, decluttering what doesn't work, simple wardrobe color palette, etc. There's a lot to learn, but it's becoming easier, and as I see my wardrobe thinning down and pleasing me more, my shopping becoming more deliberate, ridding myself of guilt from seeing all those unworn clothes, etc... it's very freeing.

Hi Deborah, I loved reading about the progress on your ten-item wardrobe. It's so exciting to see the changes and wonderful benefits that can arise from the method. Thank you for commenting!

I hope you enjoy this video. I would love to hear from you. How are you enjoying your spring wardrobe?

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Bobbi said...

Hello Jennifer,

I have been following your posts re: 10 item wardrobe which inspired me to declutter my closet of unworn items. While I haven't subscribed to only 10 core items yet (my personal goal), I have clothing options that I wear more frequently. It brings me JOY! I wear what I feel good in and mix and match---I feel creative.

I am not anxious staring at my closet with deer in the headlights look. How liberating!

Anna said...

I love your 10 item wardrobe videos. They always encourage me to be more efficient with my wardrobe, but also to step up my style at the same time.

Unknown said...
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Amelia said...

Your lovely outfits are inspiring, Jennifer! I’m in my twenties and I’ve always felt unsure how to dress my age. I love dresses, Kate Middleton and the classic Parisian look, but no one my age seems to want to wear anything besides torn jeans, Lyrca and revealing necklines. I thought I would just have to wait until I was 40 before I could embrace the look I love! After reading Madame Chic and starting to put together my first 10 item wardrobe, however, I feel like I can finally embrace my true style. I get so many compliments now! And it's so freeing to own less, want less and shop less. I love the rest of the book too, especially how actionable it is – unlike so many of the ‘I lived in Paris’ books, after which I can only dream about travelling one day. But now I realise that quality living with contentment and joy is available to all of us (even those on a college budget like me!). Thank you and God bless, Jennifer!

Vicki Zimmerman said...

I always love your "one week of outfits" and ten-item wardrobe videos, because you are so inspiring and show how "looking presentable" is doable, fun and practical. You look wonderful and your two little boys are adorable. Your little one has such a peaceful and angelic little face and he sat so quietly in your embrace! I fully agree with you about the brushstroke dress and I bought one, too, and it can be dressed up or down, so these L. L. Bean dresses have a lot of versatility. I noticed you mentioned your Boden trench coat and didn't you, at one time, have an A.P.C. trench coat? If so, do you keep both coats? I ask, because "coats" seem to be something I like to keep in our coat closet even though I don't wear them too often in Southern California. I have a black leather jacket and a light blue leather Banana Republic jacket. I also have a short Burberry Brit black trench coat and a classic longer khaki Burberry trench coat and I love each of them for different uses. I even have a tiny checked cape that I enjoy wearing in cooler weather to the theatre or out to dinner, because I feel like I'm in England and/or a Sherlock Holmes fan. This isn't my full list of coats, so that's why I was curious about that and if you store your coats or get rid of duplicates.

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hello ladies, thank you for your comments!

Bobbi- I am so happy that your wardrobe is now bringing you joy!

Anna- thank you so much!

Amelia- wonderful! And thank you for the great compliment on my book!

Vicki- Yes, I also have the A.P.C. trench. That one is more formal and I tend to wear the Boded on a more regular basis. Thank you!

Kelly said...

I’m curious what type of tights you wear with the dresses. Nude nylons? A heavier weight wool in California winters? What about slips?

I would like to wear more dresses, but hate feeling cold. In Calgary, Alberta, we just enjoyed a lovely April ending in more snow. Jeans feel much more cozy in this climate. And more straightforward compared to all the layering needed to wear a dress. I have the same conundrum with blouses, which I love; I usually end up feeling cold.