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At-Home Manicure | Spring 2019 | 9-free Nail Polish

As part of my intentional rest and self-care routine, I have been luxuriating in my at-home manicures.

I take items that I already have on hand (castile soap, essential oils, and flowers) to create a beautiful, spa-like experience. Since it's hard for me to get out of the house right now, I'm finding this routine to be just as enjoyable as the spa (and a lot more affordable too!)

I'm using the beautiful LONDONTOWN polishes in today's video. LONDONTOWNis my favorite polish. Not only is it 9-free (free of the 9 major harsh chemicals found in traditional polish), but it has an amazing staying power. I can get my manicure to last for ten days and my pedicure to last for at least two weeks.

In today's video I use the gel genius base and top coat, the color Lemonade Pop, and the hand and nail serum.

LONDONTOWN always give my viewers a generous discount. Use code JenniferS for 25% off your order

The essential oil I'm using is from Cellar Door Candles, and the lavender castile soap is from Grove Collaborative.

Thank you for joining me for today's video. I would love to know how you do your at-home manicures. What self-care rituals are you enjoying currently? Let us know and your comment could be comment of the week on the blog! See you soon.



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Frenchcaligirl said...

Hi Jennifer,
Love the Londontown Kur Serum which I got based on your recommendation. It is so moisturizing. Will order the Lemonade Pop color you applied in today’s video. It looks so fresh and springy. At-home manicures are a great way to relax. If anyone feels intimidated, they should try it out. Over time with just a little practice, they become easier and fun. Nice, too, not to need an appointment. I rarely have my nails done at a salon. 💅🏼
I just received my Emile Cordon lip color today. It did not disappoint. Love the Powdered Rose shade. 👄
Happy Spring!

Mimi Gregor said...

I use the Londontown products because they are 9-free. I don't find them to last any longer than regular polish, though, except for the shine. The shine lasts, but I do have a chipping problem. Mind you, I am very tough on my hands, and it shows, alas. Their polish remover, however, is SO much better than the stuff I was buying at the drugstore! Gets it right off, and smells wonderful -- not like acetone.

Bliss said...

I LOVE Londontown products (tried them based on your recommendation) and do find they last MUCH longer than any other polish I own (I do use the gel base and top coats, that may be what makes the difference.) I wanted to mention that your code will only work the first time you order...I used it the last time you posted it (when the new spring colors came out) and it won't let me you it again. It's ok, but I wanted them to know that I was purchasing again because your video prompted me to do so, so perhaps they can give you a unique code next time!

Rebecca said...

Hello, Jennifer!
Thank you for sharing your home-manicure! I forgot how relaxing it can be to have a home-manicure that my daughter and I can do together. Plus, the price won't be so expensive as when we get our nails painted at the salon...my husband will love that! I ordered the top and base coat along with one polish. I look forward to trying this product! Again, thanks for sharing your process!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Hi ladies, thank you for your comments on this manicure video. I tried something different today and painted my nails with the peach color and the rose gold on my ring finger. For me, that is very flashy! haha I am used to more conservative nails. Thank you so much for watching and Bliss, thank you for the info on the code.

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