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Weekday Outfits Kitchen Renovation Edition | Ten-Item Wardrobe

Welcome to another week of outfits from my ten-item wardrobe. I enjoy shooting these videos and I hope you enjoy watching them. My intention here is to show you how my ten-item wardrobe works practically with my life circumstances.

This week we are beginning a kitchen renovation. Living in construction with four kids (not to mention homeschooling) has been very interesting to say the least! I will be sharing a video dedicated to the kitchen renovation, but you do get a sneak peak in today's video.

Here are the outfits. Most of the items are older so I am linking similar items when needed.

Lace tee (linking similar), denim skirt (linking similar), Garnet Hill Kork-Ease sandal , and my new phone case is from Casetify.

Grey cardigan, LL Bean Knit dress (they have added new styles!), Sam Edelman Gigi sandal and the Okabashi sandals (They are so comfortable for around the house. I love them!)

Oversized tan cardigan (linking similar), white tee linking similar, Lands' End jeans (please note: these stretch and run large... I will be updating my jeans. As I lose the baby weight these are too big for me), green driving shoes (linking similar). Also featured: my clothing steamer

White short sleeve sweater (linking similar), LL Bean Knit dress, Sam Edelman Gigi sandal, lapis lazuli necklace by Ana Luisa NY Use code Jennifer10 for $10 off.

Oversized tan cardigan (linking similar), LL Bean Knit dress, Sam Edelman Gigi sandal

The nail polish I'm wearing this week is by Londontown Use code JenniferS for 25% off your order.

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Comment of the Week
Dawn writes, "To say I am enthralled with your Madame Chic books would be an understatement! I have been fascinated with Parisian/French life for a few years now. I have read many books on the subject, but yours are my favorite. I have mindfully and purposefully made some changes in how I embrace life. For instance, I clean off the kitchen table and have it set with a table cloth or placemats and a centerpiece (we have a small house and this is our only eating area). I have made sure we sit down to eat several times a week; no more eating in front of the tv or computer. I have put soothing, upbeat music on in the morning as we begin our day. I try to make more conscious decisions about all things. (My daughter just returned from visiting Paris for the first time and I'm anxious to hear her impressions of it.)

I am listening to the music your suggested -- wonderful, calming! Renoir is one of my favorite artists, too. I really like any of the floral pictures but I really liked the one Two SIsters Aka on the Terrace. It reminds me of my two girls, who are almost six years apart in age."

Dear Dawn, I loved your comment! Thank you for sharing your exciting testimonial about the Madame Chic books. I love that Renoir too... it could be my favorite!

Thank you for joining me for today's video. I'll see you tomorrow for the FabFitFun add ons video. See you then!

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Kristyn Hall said...

"Scottova" ♡ :)

Gypsy Liz & Co. said...

Those slippers look AMAZING! I’m going to have to check them out, as I *may* be getting to the point at which cheapie house flip-flops aren’t cutting it anymore...

Also, the random commenter discussing “boring American moms...” BAHAHAHAHA! I had to laugh out loud. I have to wonder about people who feel compelled to leave cheeky comments wherever they go, and tend to assume they must be envious on some level... Happy people don’t call other people names. Full stop. πŸ€”

JennyP said...

No matter what side of the world you live a wonderful simple home with a caring committed homemaker(male or female)is the cornerstone of all great people and civilization.This then makes it the most important job on earth and I must agree never boring!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Kristyn, I love the Scottova! :)

Gypsy Liz The slippers are so great! Thank you for laughing along with me re: the troll :)

JennyP- Thank you so much xx

Anonymous said...

Aw, Jennifer. Thank you for the comment about that comment. Moms everywhere will thank you. There is no more amazing and wonderful journey than watching a baby grow up and change every day of their lives. Anyone who finds that boring has lost touch with all the wonder in this world.

You manage to do this and look glam at the same time. Carry on!