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Teatime with Jennifer: Meme Edition 2019

Before we begin today's video, I would like to thank you for 60,000 subscribers on YouTube! I am so thrilled that our channel is growing. I want to thank everyone who has subscribed and participated. Thank you!

It's time for Teatime with Jennifer: Meme Edition, 2019! I couldn't resist but to do another Meme review here on The Daily Connoisseur. Today's video is lighthearted and fun, so I hope you will make a cup of tea and join me.

Who do you relate to more? Belle? Or the lady who needs 6 eggs??

You all know that this is actually what I look like after I've gotten the kids to sleep.

Sad, but true!

"Mommy is in shut-down mode."


Just sayin'

Get ready...


Another sad, but true!

Where are my fellow introverts?


Not anymore!

Jenny Elizabeth Williams of Carrot Top Paper Shop has some very sweet memes on her Instagram. I loved these! :)

Told ya so!


Ah, Paris!

I love this.

Yes 🙌

So unfortunate...

Comment of the Week
I received this email from a reader who shall remain anonymous. I'm glad she had a look presentable always moment!

Jennifer, I just thought of you because I was hanging my laundry when there was a knock at the door and lo and behold it was one of the leading candidates for mayor of Miami Beach, where I live. We had a wonderful chat, and I was in one of my favorite dresses, with makeup on, as per your advice of always looking presentable. Who would have thought that at 5 pm on a weekday that would have happened to me? Thanks yet again for your invaluable advice! : )

I hope you enjoyed today's Teatime with Jennifer. I would love to know which memes were your favorite. Let us know and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the channel.

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Deborah said...

HI Jennifer,
Thank you, this was fun!

To me, the funniest was "Allspice". LOL!
My favorite was the "artist opinion" Yes!
The one I most relate to is "being an adult means saying 'after this week things will slow down' and saying it every week until you die!" but for me, it's the other way around: "Next week I'll really get going on that project/housecleaning/exercise/meal-planning etc." And I say it every week, with only a week now and then when it really all comes together. Will I be saying that until I die? Yikes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,

After a long day, this was just what I needed. I love the memes, and I laughed right along with you. ;-)

Robyn said...

These’s are funny but dads should be doing more! When our children were little we split up bedtime and my husband does most of the grocery shopping. The grocery shopping was rocky at first but now he’s great at it.

JennyP said...

Thankyou I made the mistake of listening to the world news on a Sunday morning,war still in the middleast,tornadoes in Japan and drought in parts of Australia. Then you made me laugh out loud!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Dear ladies,

Thank you so much for watching. It was fun to go through these and laugh along with you!

With love,


miss agnes said...

Hello Jennifer,

I recently discovered you through YouTube, and decided to follow you there and also on Bloglovin. I love your classy take on life. Looking presentable always is definitely something I have to work on as I work from home, and often choose the comfy vs. classy outfit. But presentable does not have to be uncomfortable, right?
Loved your meme review, and I totally relate to the radio one - I also have to turn the radio off, to focus on parking. I can't seem to properly park my car with music or people talking in my ears.
Anyway, looking forward to hearing and reading more from you.
Love from France