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Decorating a Plain and Generic Bathroom | Jennifer L. Scott

Today I'm decorating one of our upstairs bathrooms. It's a very generic and plain bathroom, one I dream of redoing one day. I'm sure many of you can relate! Most of us have dreams of major remodeling or decorating renovations but simply can't afford the makeover.

I make the best of our plain bathroom by adding a few special touches.

Our countertop is very long and awkward to decorate. I break up the space by adding a taller floral arrangement.

I'm using a faux orchid centerpiece from Nearly Natural here because this room does not get enough light to house a real plant. There is a window, but we mostly keep it closed due to the neighboring house being so close. The cascading orchids add a beautiful touch to the countertop.

I like adding little "dressed-up" details like this handmade linen tissue box cover. Covering up the commercial packaging of necessary products helps to add a custom dimension to the space. By the way, I love using the bamboo tissues. This is Grove Collaborative's seedling line. I like that they are tree-free and don't waste so much paper. Also, here is a link to some other pretty tissue box covers on Amazon

I purchased this print on Etsy from AThingCreated. I love this print so much. It reminds me of the view of the buildings in the 16th arrondissement in Paris. I think I might eventually transfer this print to the guest bedroom, but for now, it is in this space. I purchased the gold frame from Amazon.

Also featured in the video is the shower curtain (which I still need to steam), the wooden soap tray, and the candle. The hand soap and dispensers are from Grove Collaborative. I really like their hand soap refill. Here is a link to the dress I'm wearing.

This bathroom is very neutral, but the creams and golds look pretty with the dark wood. I do enjoy the space when I walk in. I hope you enjoyed today's video.

I would love to know how you decorate a plain/ generic space in your home. Do you dream of renovating your bathrooms and kitchens? How do you make the best with what you have? Thank you for joining me today and I'll see you tomorrow on The Daily Connoisseur for my favorite natural candles of 2019.

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Frenchcaligirl said...

I love it Jennifer. It is so much fun decorating with creativity and on a budget. You really can turn a seemingly plain area into a beautiful and inviting one. You provide a lot of inspiration! Always look forward to your videos. 🏡

Marlene Z said...

lovely! Now I want to redo my bathroom

Lindsey said...

Lovely inspiration! My husband and I recently built a house that has given us much more space and a couple more bathrooms than our first apartment. I have been attempting to decorate with what I already have, and your ideas are going to help me in a powder room that hasn't received much of my attention.
My brother's wife gave me your first two books when my husband and I were engaged. Reading them was an enlightening experience! I am confident that they have helped me embrace homemaking with more enthusiasm and pride than I would without them. They have helped me recognize my own priorities and goals, including to have a peaceful, inviting, and low-clutter home.
We will welcome our first little one this summer, and I am eager to avoid the stress of a cluttered and uncared-for home with a baby. I know that we'll be making plenty of adjustments, and I have been very encouraged by you! I'm sure your house isn't spotless (as if that would be possible (or even desirable) with a big, beautiful family!), but it's obviously cared-for and inviting. The sister-in-law I mentioned earlier has also been a great example to me of keeping a simple, tidy home with three little ones. I see her quietly reject the "hot mess" acceptance of clutter and stress, and instead display an overall peacefulness and enjoyment of her family.
So, at the end of all these serious thoughts :), I want to say thank you for sharing your message! There are many of us (and our families) who are the beneficiaries!

Wellyboots said...

It looks beautiful 👌

Gypsy Liz & Co. said...

Love it! I think you’ve inspired me to embrace more faux flowers and plants. They truly make SUCH a difference!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Ladies, thank you so much for your comments and for watching the video. I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Lindsey, thank you for your thoughts on the books! I appreciate you!