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Ten-Item Wardrobe Transition from Winter to Spring | Jennifer L. Scott

As part of The Chic Assignment for March, we are preparing our wardrobe for the upcoming season.

In today's video I talk through my ten-item wardrobe transition process from winter to spring. What will stay and what will go? Also, what will carry on into the next season?

Mentioned in the video:

Sea foam floral Lands' End dress (image taken from the Lands' End website)

Lands' End jeans (picture taken from Lands' End) These flat-front jeans are staying with me into spring. I plan to roll up the cuff and wear them with sandals. They go nicely with my lace tees from Loft, as well as my returning TJ Maxx red blouse. They also look good with my striped tee shirts.

LL Bean Knit Summer dress These are the perfect dresses. Seriously. If I were to choose a "uniform" this would be it. They are the perfect fit. They're comfortable. They're the perfect length and beautifully presentable.

Sam Edelman Gigi sandal A spring/summer favorite of mine, this sandal is very comfortable and goes with everything. I love it!

The striped tee is by Lands' End

Here is a link to Boden USA dresses for those interested...

I am still awaiting the Garnet Hill cork sandals in the mail

As well as the Garnet Hill sweaters, which (if they fit) I plan to layer over the dresses.

My earrings are by Ana Luisa NY
Use code Jennifer10 for $10 off

On my nails: Londontown Lemonade Pop (use code JenniferS for 25% off your order)

The candle I'm burning is Breathe Easy by Cellar Door Candles. The flower arrangement is by Horchow.

I hope you enjoy today's video.


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Comment of the Week
Nicole H. writes, "I’m not sure if you remember me from a comment a year ago, but I thought I’d tag in with you again and give you an update!

It is my 1 year anniversary as a Daily Connoisseur and I wanted to thank you from my heart! I am going through the Madame Chic Books again, and plan to read them through each year.

Here are a few ways you have changed my life:

1. My husband is so grateful that I make an effort to provide a delightful breakfast complete with Bach For Breakfast playing in the background. He says he feels so sophisticated. Haha!
2. My mom, sister and I phone each other about you and the wonderful things we learn from you all the time.
3. My routines have been changed from bad habits and I’m constantly reevaluating them to see what can be improved.
4. My home is in a constant state of decluttering
5. I ENJOY laundry and look forward to it each day!!!
6. I’m still not at a ten item wardrobe but I am honing in on my personal style and it’s been so much fun. I am certainly benefiting from the smaller closet!!!

Like I said, these are just a few, but mostly importantly, I enjoy caring for my home each day and the results have been a breath of fresh air. Thank you for all you do and I genuinely hope that one day you will go on tour again and I will get to meet you to thank you personally for the positive impact you have had in my life! I’m excited about your e-course coming out next week and your book this July!!


Nicole, thank you for your lovely comment. I really enjoy when readers update me on their lives. Your encouraging comment is so appreciated and motivates me to keep going. Thank you for being a part of this blog and channel!

I would love to know... how is your ten-item wardrobe coming along? Are you struggling in any areas? Have you had any breakthroughs? Let us know and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the blog.

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It's me, again. said...

Hi Jennifer,
I have just finished watching your 10 item wardrobe video and loved your dress choices.
I do have a couple of unrelated questions:
I was wondering what are the seven books you have on the table behind you on the table. I recognize your three books along with four others, are they also related to your 10 item wardrobe style or are they favorites of yours?
The other question I have is: I noticed the picture in the background do you decorate with copies of masters and possibly oil paintings? It seems today, especially today more then ever, our decorating styles are becoming so uniform across our nation we are losing some of our unique individual style to conform to online trends. What are your thoughts on this subject?
Thank you for your time.

Ladylike said...

Good Morning, Jennifer,

Thank you for your video. Hurrah for a uniform! As I wrote earlier, my uniform seems to be skirts and tops. I am actually not buying any new clothing this season. Instead, I opted to refresh our bedrooms with new bed linens in beautiful floral prints. Marimekko and Anthropologie have gorgeous floral prints for bed linens.
Your new LL Bean dress is a lovely print! I also love your earrings. I have a similar pair, and I will wear them today with your inspiration. Sometimes, I feel reluctant to wear sparkly items during the day, but life is too short not to!

Warm best wishes,

Michelle said...

Hi Jennifer,

What a lovely set of "uniform" dresses u have there. I, too, have unconsciously adopted a uniform set of outfits very much like yours. If i find clothing items that i love, i would run out and buy them in sets. I have about 8 longsleeves in different colours, they go nicely with my jeans and denim skirts in the winter, tucked into one pair of high quality knee high boots (gray this year and cognac the previous years). Otherwise, a dress with cardigan and tights, again with those boots. So, no shame in the uniform, always well put together, maybe not fashionable but always presentable.

Cheers, Michelle from Holland

Trudi said...

I just want to say I love it when your baby joins you. He is so sweet and cute!

Anne Marie said...

Love the video! Your singing voice is so beautiful!

Toni said...

Side note, I really love the look of the sweaters that you use over your dresses. I needed other colors, though, so I found these on sale at Macy's...in case others are looking...
They come in black and white and have some texture to them.

JennyP said...

Heading into winter down here so looking to refresh my wardrobe with a quality longer line wool wrap cardigan, trying to find locally made not so easy when so much comes from China!A big hug for your gorgeous bub and thank you for your blog and videos a hug for you also ignore those detractors!

Susie said...

Hello, I have been a daily connoisseur for years now. Thank you so much for all of your inspiration and help. Keep up the good work ... we need you! Susie x

Kendra said...

I love the comment about “losing some of our unique individual style” in decorating! I would like to hear your thoughts, Jennifer, as well.

Wellyboots said...

Thankyou Jennifer. It must be hard sharing so much of your life with us sometimes. How sad that some comment on your clothing, especially when you dress so well. Your classic style never goes out of fashion and what you choose to wear is no one else's business really......
The good thing about the principles you promote is that they will work with any type of fashion someone chooses to wear!
Also, good manners never go out of style!๐Ÿ˜‰ Sometimes personal opinions need to be kept to oneself๐Ÿ˜œ

Vicki Zimmerman said...

Thank you, Jennifer, for the video on how to transition between seasons. Your dresses are beautiful for the coming year and I have one L. L. Bean dress in a navy print with tiny white polkadots that I often wear with a large pearl choker necklace. I had to smile, because I bought the Lands End pull-up skinny jeans and they have become my absolute favorite. The flat front is so nice and they are really comfortable. The reason I'm smiling is that I wanted to donate a very old pair of black J. Brand jeans and I ordered a pair in black! They haven't arrived yet, but if they're anything like the dark-wash denim ones, I know I'm going to love them. Regarding your light layering sweaters, I noticed the Garnet Hill link, and saw the pullover, however, I was thinking of cardigans. There was one white or ivory cardigan you wore with your green L. L. Bean dress I adored. I run cold and like a cover-up. I see, with the pullover (and similar to your Boden ones), you'll be able to create a "two-piece" look. Regarding, the A.P.C. dress, I've been a fan of yours for a number of years, and I swooned over that dress when I first saw it and will continue to enjoy it on you. It's a gorgeous and timeless classic and you look amazing in that dress. I'm so happy it's held up well, and that's what quality pieces do. I really like your current filming backdrop; it's so pretty and the Horchow floral arrangement is stunning (now if it would just go on sale!).

Finally, I'm pleased that you don't get discouraged by the fashion-focused naysayers, because I love your style in all areas of your life. Along with others, I'm inspired by the way you dress and and the lovely environment you create in your beautiful home for your family. I truly am grateful for the generous time you set aside for your virtual community of friends and always enjoy what you have to say and share next.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer,
I appreciate you showing us your transition wardrobe from Winter into Spring.
You are a very busy lady with 4 children and for me simply holding up your clothes together with your commentary is just as useful.

It has been interesting to see your style evolve - from lots of classic separates to the majority of your items now being simple, flowing and pretty dresses.

Like yourself, I have adopted a more minimalist wardrobe (and lifestyle) and have been using your 10 item wardrobe idea for about 4 years now.

In that time, my style has evolved too, as have my core 10 items, as I discovered what works best for me. I live in the Uk where the weather is a lot colder than California, where you live, so cardigans are core items in my wardrobe and not extras.

Over the last four years, my "Uniform" has emerged and is my version of a "casual two piece suit".

On the top I wear a soft edge to edge cardigan (button up cardis look frumpy on me) - a warm cozy wool in the winter and a lighter weight edge to edge cardi in the summer.

On the bottom half of my "casual suit" I wear soft, comfortable jeans, jeggings, trousers or knee length jersey skirts.

All my core items are in plain colours - navy, grey, denim or burgundy. I usually wear the same colour on the top and bottom (like a suit) but the colours can also be interchanged.

My "Extras" are the tops I wear underneath (Long sleeve in the winter - jersey t-shirts, a pretty silky blouse, and in the summer short sleeve t-shirts and pretty patterned cap sleeve tops).

I make sure the tops I wear underneath are always "presentable", as I occassionally have to take the cardigan off as the weather here is so changeable.

I then make sure I have enough shoes that look good with my "casual suits". In the winter I have two pairs of black ankle boots, a flat and a heel. In warmer weather, ballet flats and in the summer, sandals a flat and a wedge heel.

I have a couple of scarves and necklaces to add interest if I wish.

I would describe my style as simple, soft and flowing, relaxed/casual, elegant with a touch of luxe (in the fabrics I like).

Now I have got to the stage where 3 "casual suits" per season is enough for me, together with 5-7 tops.

I also have a smart navy jersey dress - ideal for job interviews, or an evening out and a flowing, long red dress for parties.

So, thank you Jennifer, your ideas have made my life so much easier.

Ignore the "fashionistas". Fashion isn't just about the cut of a garment, there are fashions in thoughts and philosophies. The philosophy of Minimalism is very popular now and considering the environmental problems the planet is facing now and in the future, a minimal 10 item wardrobe is a great solution on so many levels.

I encourage other readers to start adopting a 10 item wardrobe - over time you will save a lot of money, spend less time shopping and discover the styles and colours that best suit you and your lifestyle, as well as live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Summer Smith said...

I love your choices! :) I think these videos are my favorite videos you do! :) I get so excited! And inspired. I love the L.L. Bean dress and it has become a uniform for me too in warmer weather. Funny story, I had gotten the navy one you always wear as a gift and loved how long it was. I have since bought three more and so it is my uniform as well. I love the length especially with wrestling three boys on a regular basis! :)

Thank you for always being fun, real and trying your best to be elegant and being the best of your self, in mind, body and soul! :)

Happy Spring!!

Unknown said...

Jennifer, I have read your books and followed you for several years. I love you 10 item wardrobe videos. Even though the fashion shows are fun, I appreciate the talk through a because they show the thought process behind cultivating your closet for the next season.

I have never been able to get down to a 10 item wardrobe. My goal was for everything to fit in my half of the closet and my dresser! I do not want to have to store everything somewhere else.. and I don’t have the space with our large family! No spare closets around here! But this year I took the plunge! I have an early spring capsule for the rest of March and April. I’ll change out again in May for summer since in southern VA we have a distinct spring and summer. I have about 12 core items and 30 items all together w/ extras and church dresses. I am not including shoes and accessories in this count. But I am excited to try it for the next 6 weeks.

I have a small list of things I am looking to add to round out my options but I can be selective and take my time. I usually do a lot of thrift store shopping but if I find the exact right thing I will buy new.

I am also enjoying the chic assignments! I am reading your At Home book (as well as others!) and your classical music piece this month is one of my favorites as well.

Keep up the great work! It is nice to have a voice for culture, poise, and gracious living out there. I know it can feel lonely but you are doing such a service to those of us who cherish those ideals.


Anonymous said...

Boden is the perfect store for keeping a 10 item wardrobe. I love their skirts! The skirts have pockets which are amazing and then everything is colorful that you can just switch your tops and sandals and have several outfits in one. I've never done their dresses because I like to mix it up but they are always adorable! Each piece will set you back around $100, but the quality is unmatched. I allow myself to get one piece every year and I haven't had to retire one yet. They still look brand new because they hold their shape.

I love your videos. Don't get discouraged because you have a lack of time to make them perfect. (You are probably the only one worried about that.) You're doing great!

pneu said...

Wonderful video--I love seeing some of your beautiful clothes make a return appearance, like the APC dress that suits you so well. Thank you for taking the time to film videos in this busy season of life for you.

What people say is 'fashionable' tends to go along with 'trendy', to my mind, so it's not made to last and doesn't necessarily take our lifestyles and needs into account. Your wardrobe is perfectly chosen for your life and how you want to present yourself to the world! I don't usually comment but will try to do so more; sometimes the best way to combat negativity is to put more positivity into the world, as you always do. As readers and viewers, we can do the same.


The Daily Connoisseur said...

Ladies, thank you for watching and for leaving comments. I read each comment and it always brings me joy! There will be many ten-item wardrobe posts coming up this spring. I'm feeling inspired again as I leave the maternity phase :) I am looking forward to seeing you all on the blog tomorrow. Sending love, Jennifer