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My Favorite Natural Candles of 2019 | Natural Home with Jennifer

I love candles and always have them in my home year-round. Of course, I tend to burn them more during the fall and winter months, but I still enjoy them in the spring and summertime too. I love the quiet, burning flame and the pleasing scent. They provide a little luxury throughout my day and remind me to stay present and calm.

While I love candles, I have never really thought about their natural (or not-so-natural) properties. I frequented the popular candle stores just like everyone else. Traditional candles can be full of chemicals and synthetic fragrances. As I go through my home and products to make them more natural, however, I realized I needed to find more natural replacements for my favorite candles.

This has been my most favorite post to research. The Sudsy Soapery and Legend's Creek Farm candles were sent to me in care packages from the respective companies. I really delighted in the candles they sent. The scents are all so unique!

I contacted a few other natural candle companies I found online and discovered Cellar Door Candles, another wonderful small business that is passionate about natural candle making. These small businesses all deserve to be known. It's my pleasure to share their beautiful artisanal candles with you today.

Cellar Door Candles

• 100% Chemical free for the entire candle.
• Proprietary beeswax and coconut wax blend.
• Sustainable, ecologically sound, pesticide-free manufacturing.
• Phthalates, parabens and sulfate free.
• 100% cotton wicks.
• Unparalleled fragrance integrity (pure essential oils).
• Close to 100% waste free manufacturing.
• No plastic used when shipping this item.
• American made glass container.
• Wood lids made in house.
• Hand-poured by Cellar Door Candles.

Cellar Door Candles source their raw materials from a local lavender farm. They make their our own wax blend from scratch, and their newest fragrance designs are 100% organic essential oils. The wax they use is a blend of pure coconut oil (coconut wax) and beeswax.

2 wick- 8oz candles are $18 and have 35 hour burn time
3 wick candles are 35 oz have 65 hour burn time $40

Tokyo Citrus Simple, rare and perfect. Four pure essential oils are used to complete Tokyo Citrus: persimmon, yuzu, blood orange & ylang ylang.

Breathe Easy Pure Lavender, Peppermint, Eucalyptus & Tea Tree.
Four Pure Essential oils blended together at the perfect percentage make up this amazing design. When this candle is lit, it creates an amazing sensation throughout the body. Calming Lavender, Cooling Peppermint, Eucalyptus to open up your senses and Tea Tree to round it out for that slight woodsy euphoric scent.

Pacific Northwest 100% unique wood essential oil. Pure Fir Needle & Red Birch.
One smell of this blend, will immediately transport you. Walking in the middle of a thick forest adjacent to the river. Sweet, Fresh, Green & Pure. A true connection to nature & earth.

Earth Gifts Aromatherapy Candles from Legend’s Creek Farm

These delightful candles come in 8oz recyclable glass jars with metal lids and have up to a 60 hour burn time with regular wick trimming. They use-food grade paraffin wax. Legend's Creek Farm use food-grade paraffin wax to avoid the use of hexane, herbicides and pesticides. These candles are beautifully scented and really fill the room with their boutique fragrances.

Earth Gifts best-selling candles are:

Cashmere & Cardamom is the first candle they created, and one of the strongest throwing scents they offer. It fills the room with a potent and spicy blend of beautiful aromas. This candle is made with blends of cashmere, cardamom, sandalwood, geranium, amber, clove and pepper. I find it to be so cozy. I love this one! $14 8oz

Fraser Fir
Frasier Fir is the best natural replacement for Bath and Bodywork's famous Fresh Balsam candle. Fraser Fir is a classic, timeless fragrance that is very popular around the Christmas season, but it's also perfect for year-round burning. Made with high quality essential oils, it fills your home with the scent of the holiday season. This is the best Christmas tree candle you will find! $14 8oz

Seaside is reminiscent of the sea and reminds me of a chic seaside resort. It is a fresh, ocean scent with so much depth. It is so delightful and unique!

Sudsy Soapery Aromatherapy soy candles

The Sudsy Soapery’s naturally scented soy candles are fragranced with essential oils. I love their beautiful fragrances and appreciate how they fill the room with crackling warmth. The candles are 7.5 oz and have a burn time of approximately 30-40 hours

Sweetly Resting The rich scent of aromatherapy bitter almond is reminiscent of the sweetness that is found in rest. The almond bitter essential oil is sweetened with the buttery scent of all natural vanilla. I LOVE this candle. It is the perfect, most pure almond candle I've ever tried. $18.95

Amazing Love
Warm and soothing, the scent of cinnamon inspires and invites while the exotic scent of the Ylang Ylang flower essential oil comforts. This Aromatherapy candle will be a delight and bring warmth and comfort. This candle arrived with rose petals in the lid and is a very exotic, yet comforting scent. I just love this one too! $18.95

Grove Collaborative

Because many of you are customers of Grove Collaborative, I am reviewing their soy candles in this feature as well. Grove's 100% natural soy candles are made in the USA by talented artisans and come in three signature scents: warm and spicy Vanilla & Sandalwood, cool and calming Eucalyptus & Spearmint and sweet and uplifting Blood Orange. At 8oz, they burn beautifully for hours so you can savor these delightful, natural fragrances! I’ve also tried maple and nutmeg and really enjoyed that one for the fall season. 8oz $14.95

I hope you enjoyed today's video on my favorite natural candles. I would love to know which candle sounds like your favorite! Also, if you have any natural candles you love, please share them with us below.

Have a lovely day and I'll see you tomorrow for the launch of my new eCourse, How to be Efficient at Home!

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FTC: This post is not sponsored and the links are not affiliate with the exception of Grove Collaborative's link. The candles were sent to me for my honest review. I purchased the candle from Grove.


Frenchcaligirl said...

I will try some of these. I like to support small businesses and natural products. You introduced me to Leaves by Bath & Body Works years ago which has been my favorite scented candle but I doubt it could be considered natural. Is there one of the candles you reviiewed that you would consider being close to that scent? If not, I’ll reread the descriptions and hope to find another favorite among these natural ones. Thanks Jennifer. Hope you have a great weekend. 🏡

Pj said...

Cellar Door sounds like a really good company; I like that they make their own lids and that they have unlabeled, glass containers that fit with any decor! Thank you for this helpful review, Jennifer; I will definitely be trying some of these candles. All of the scents sound lovely. I have not always liked candles described as fresh air, seaside, or fresh breeze, but you tempt me to try Seaside by your and the company's description!

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd commented on this, but apparently not...
So...is Sudsy Soapery the same company as Seven Springs as pictured on the labels? Or was there a typo?
Otherwise, I wish my husband liked candles, or even tolerated them... sigh. The only one he likes is the WoodWick in vanilla bean which is the only vanilla scent I've ever liked. Usually vanilla is too sweet and fake. This is like caramel... I use it to drive the kitchen smells out when I fry, chop onions, burn something... etc LOL