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How to be Efficient at Home | My New eCourse | Jennifer L. Scott

I am so pleased to debut my newest eCourse, How to be Efficient at Home, for you today!

I have been working on this course for the past several months and have put so much into it. You will find over two hours of brand new videos, plus text, quizzes and a lively comment section full of fellow Daily Connoisseurs who are all interested in living beautifully at home.

Experience a total mind-shift in how you look at your domestic tasks, uncover valuable time, and enjoy your life at home through this enjoyable course.

You will work on identifying your distractions and making them work for you, establishing early wakeup times and a morning routine, as well as cleaning routines and efficient meal planning. I share my cleaning routines, planning habits, and efficiency secrets, plus so much more in this course.

Also offered in this course is a free batch cooking eBook by my friend Kim, from Free to Family. Thank you, Kim for your generosity!

As with the other courses, I am offering this one at only $5. This price will last for one month and then I will raise it to $10. (I do this to cover the hosting costs that Teachable charge me to host my courses, which is quite substantial.) Also, I want to offer it at $5 so that it is accessible to everyone and it is not a burden on anyone's wallet.

Please watch today's video announcement to learn more.

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I truly hope you enjoy this newest course. I look forward to connecting with you over there! Thank you for your support. Your support of my work means so much to me. More than you know.

With love,



M Goss said...

Hello Jennifer. I enrolled in your new E-course yesterday and watched it all the way through. I had intended to watch it over a 3 day period, but I couldn't stop watching it. I even took notes. I plan to watch this over and over for inspiration. I consider myself a life long learner and enjoy taking classes, but right now I am very busy with motherhood, homemaking,work, etc. So this was perfect! And the best part is I can watch it over and over. This is my favorite of your E courses. Thank you so much for taking your time to create this course!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Mya, that's wonderful! I really appreciate your feedback! Thank you for your support of my work. I am rooting for you!

DJ said...

Hi Jennifer, I had planned to start your new e-course last night (Sunday) but unexpected company came over and time got away from me! So I got up extra early this morning with a plan to get all housework done before noon so I could begin your course. Mission accomplished! So you see, I'm already more efficient!!! I've read all your books and often give them as gifts. I've taken your other two e-courses and they were great - your lessons are timeless and ageless! I plan to re-watch your e-course on the 10-item wardrobe as getting to ten core items is still a work in progress for me. I live near the beach on the east coast - I'm working on my summer uniform! So excited to start your new course on, efficiency, this afternoon. I'm sure it's going to be as rewarding as your last two e-classes. I highly recommend your e-courses. Thanks, Jennifer, for the inspiration. (donna)

Ladylike said...


I'm so grateful your e-course is here! Sorry for the late comment, but I have been on a trip. I overdid the activities on my trip and didn't get enough rest, and now I have a bad head cold. But as soon as I am better, I will listen to your course. In the meantime, I am enjoying the Tasha Tudor book you recommended. It is perfect for the sick bed and is reminding me to slow down... Thanks!

Warm best,

Ladylike said...

Hi Jennifer,

I just completed your e-course, and I loved it. I realized what you need to sell: a Daily Connoisseur APRON! I hope you will!