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Addicted to Shopping? The Ten-Item Wardrobe Can Help

In today's video, I discuss shopping addiction in relation to the ten-item wardrobe.

Here's my confession: I used to shop way too much. I loved shopping. I would always be browsing the stores, buying clothes and accessories and placing them in my closet. I loved the rush of buying something new. My wardrobe was very full. After I studied abroad in Paris and observed the ten-item wardrobe in action, I knew that there was a different way to live, but I didn't take any action upon my arrival back in the States. Why? Because old habits die hard!

But a few years later something changed. I realized I was wasting a lot of money. I also realized I never wore a large percentage of my wardrobe and still felt like I had nothing to wear when I opened it up each morning (even though I had so many clothes). I reminisced about the chic ten-item wardrobes I admired in Paris and knew that that was the path I had to take to break free from the thrill-seeking I got from clothes shopping.

I hope you enjoy today's video, which shares how the ten-item wardrobe can help you break free from poor shopping habits.

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Comment of the Week
Nancy writes, "About Shakespeare's sonnets, I don't have to read them - I have done that many times in undergrad and grad school. I know my favorite easily, 130. That is a description of real love. It's funny but so true. I love his sonnets and how they are structured (similar to some Psalms) and his use of language is really without compare. Genius! I listened to Bolero while doing some house work and I almost naturally marched to the beat. : ) Working on the water and dining out doors soon. I love these assignments! They are fun and bring joy. I'm so glad you started them."

Hi Nancy, thank you for updating us on The Chic Assignment! I find that Boléro is a great piece to play when you need to be productive because the beat is so motivating. I find myself marching to it too :)

Thank you for joining us today and I'll see you next time for part 2 of this video, dealing with Ten-Item Wardrobe Burn-out.

*Please note: if you have a serious addiction, this is not meant to take the place of a certified counselor. Please seek professional help for any addictive tendencies you may have.

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