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Ten-Item Wardrobe Burnout | 5 Tips

Yesterday, we discussed how the Ten-Item Wardrobe can help with your shopping addiction. Today, we are going to discuss the ten-item wardrobe and burnout. Is it extreme minimalism? Is it sustainable?

Here are 5 tips to help you deal with ten-item wardrobe burnout:

Tip no. 1 It's OK to update your wardrobe when you experience a burnout. Burnouts normally occur as you approach the end of a season. You might feel tired of wearing the same items over and over and feel like doing some major shopping. Rather than going on a shopping spree, know that it's OK to update your wardrobe with key items. Just make sure your purchases are intentional and fit into your wardrobe. You might buy a beautiful summer blouse to wear to replace a heavier one you had in your spring wardrobe, for example.

Tip no. 2 Shop your other seasons. Since you store away your out-of-season clothes with the ten-item wardrobe, sometimes going through those clothes to find any ways to update your wardrobe (with a cardigan or a scarf, for example) can help with burnout. This is also especially handy if the weather changes and you are in need of clothes to adapt to the change in temperature.

Tip no. 3 Get creative with how you wear your outfits. Pair your core items with different sweaters, scarves, shoes, and jewelry to freshen up your outfits. You could also style your hair differently or do your makeup and nails in a new way to fix the burnout you're experiencing.

Tip no. 4 Plan for the upcoming season. Sometimes burnout is just restlessness. You can help this restlessness by planning for the upcoming season. Go through your stored clothing and assess what you will keep or donate and make a list of what you'll need to update your ten-item wardrobe going forward. Sometimes the "business" of these actions really help when we feel restless.

Tip no. 5 Rest in your decision to do the ten-item wardrobe and allow your discontent to pass through you. Let the discontent go and remind yourself why you're doing the ten-item wardrobe in the first place. Think about how much better your life is now that you are intentional about your wardrobe. You are saving money, you are looking presentable always, you are exhibiting your true style, plus so much more. Rest in the choices you have made with your intentional and minimal wardrobe.

For more on each of these tips, check out today's video.


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Comment of the Week
Shelley R. writes, "Jennifer I don't even know where to begin- I remember finding your first book in Barnes and Noble a few years back and being so intrigued. I usually don't even pick up that type of book but I was charmed by the cover and by what I read when I opened it up. The concepts you talk about have changed all aspects of my life. You are my favorite to watch on YouTube and You've blessed my life in so many ways. Thank you for your tireless work. ❤"

Shelley, your comment meant so much to me. Thank you for taking the time to share what the Madame Chic books have done for you. I never tire of hearing these wonderful testimonies. Thank you!

I would love to know... have you experienced ten-item wardrobe burnout? Let us know in the comment section.

I hope you enjoyed today's video. Thank you for watching. Please share these blogs with anyone you know who is interested in capsule wardrobe living. See you next time!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Jennifer, Thank you for another lovely video! It would be nice to get your or any other reader's thoughts on a few difficulties that I am still struggling with even after a couple of seasons trying the 10 item wardrobe(which even so I love!). The first is that the items I choose frequently don't live up to the needs/quality I thought they would and I find it difficult to actually source high quality (affordable) clothes that suit me as I think the majority of what is being sold these days just doesn't work well for me. I either end up finding good brands on ebay that really end up feeling not quite right e.g. a bit frumpy/stiff/too 'mature'(!) (although I continue wearing them anyway) or I lapse into cheaper not so great quality clothes which end up not feeling good for another reason. I don't know if it is just inexperience but I think I know what suits me and what my style is - I just can't seem to find the items that match it and end up settling! The second thing is the sense sometimes of pressure of wanting a small number of items - it feels like my life depends on every purchase and if I get it wrong then I am stuck with my mistake for at least another two years so as not to waste it! Sorry for the long post!

Anonymous said...

I have been a long time viewer and have watched and seen your family grow. I've followed you go from living in Santa Monica, which I loved because I grew up in West LA, to your new more suburban life. It has all been wonderful and lovely to see.

My feeling is it would be helpful to see you help someone who is going from shopping problem to 10 item wardrobe. To me, who has watched the majority of your videos and am very intrigued by the TIW, it would be informative. I for instance, love shopping and buying beautiful clothes. More and more though, I feel like it is too much. Having said that, I don't know where to start. How do I go down from my closet full of lovely things, to a more reasonable and admittedly, freer self. I see you do it, but you are the professional who has been doing this for a while now. I am far from it so wrapping my head around the TIW seems daunting.
Thank you

Mimi Gregor said...

To the first "anonymous", who said she can't find quality clothes at an affordable price: I don't like to spend a lot of money on clothes, but I only want to buy and wear quality. My solution to this conundrum? Consignment shops. They are a little higher in price than thrift shops (but STILL not as high as retail!), but the clothes have been vetted for you. Some consignment shops will only accept higher end designers, and they go over the clothing under harsh lighting to find any flaws before they will accept the items. No, you can't always find everything you are looking for in your size or colors. But if you frequent the place, you'd be surprised how often you can find exactly what you are looking for at some point. Many times I will leave the place after trying on multiple items with nothing to show for it. And that's okay, because I learn something from that: every time I try something on that is not quite right, I ask myself WHY it is not right, so that the next time I can leave that sort of thing on the rack. Other times, someone in my size, with my taste, will have obviously brought in a consignment, because I find several things I need/want. I suggest you google consignment shops in your area or nearby areas, and visit them when you feel an urge to shop instead of hitting the mall.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer--
I work as a nurse in a hospital that was built in the 1930's. Some of the patient rooms have small closets inside--probably about 8 inches deep. There is a hook on the wall, as well as a shelf above, probably for a hat or small handbag. Each time I see one of these closets I think of you and smile. In those days, people hung their suit/dress inside. They did not have a lot of belongings, unlike today when patients bring duffel bags or suitcases with them.
Your 10 item wardrobe is such an inspiration--as you are. Many thanks!

Kgirl said...

Just wanted to say I loved the nail polish colour you're wearing in this post (especially as I've been complaining about the blue one a lot lately, ha).

Anonymous said...

I love your books and blog. You mentioned Osmosis makeup a while back. I would like to try it but I know that I have to try several shades at a cosmetic counter to get the right one—how can you choose a makeup online—and it’s not cheap, if I get a poor match I can’t just discard it. Is there a place to buy it that isn’t online? Thanks.

The Mad Mex said...

Question - When you decided to do the 10 item wardrobe, what did you do with your other clothes? One thing that holds me back is I don't want to start from scratch as it seems wasteful to get rid of good clothes! But I'd need to get rid of almost all of them to have a pared down wardrobe and buy good basics. Help!