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My Signature Jean | The "MOM" Jean | Ten-Item Wardrobe

I'm sharing the features of my new signature jeans. The Oliver MOM jean by Mott & Bow.

After having a baby, every woman goes through a transition period where their body changes and they mostly start to shed the weight that was put on during pregnancy. To get me through that period, I found the Lands' End flat-front pull up jean, which served its purpose well for me. But as I started to lose the baby weight and as the jeans simultaneously stretched, I found myself constantly pulling them up all day long. If you've ever experienced that with your clothes, you know it's very frustrating, indeed.

I knew it was time to find a new jean, but where to look? I have certain requirements for my jeans. I like them to be pretty classic and plain and I am not looking for rips or embellishments. I find that the standard ones are more versatile as they can be dressed up or down and can go with more items in my ten-item wardrobe.

Mott & Bow had been contacting me for awhile asking if I'd like to try their jeans. I said no during my pregnancy transition period as I already had my jean requirement fulfilled in my ten-item wardrobe, but when I went on the search to look for new ones, I decided to try their MOM jean. I am a mom, after all. Although I was a bit nervous because mom jeans get a bad rap. Normally one thinks of super outdated and unflattering high-wasted pants from the early 90s. Yikes!

These are the new wave of MOM jeans, however, and they are so lovely, I do believe they are my new signature jean.

Here are the features I like about them. They are thick and do not stretch very much. They are high-waisted and fall at such a place on my waist, that I never need to pull them up. Ever.

They have room in the pant leg, unlike skinny jeans, which I have always found uncomfortable. They are designed in a way that lifts the derrière and the absolute best part, they have an amazingly flattering crop that is reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn. I love to wear them with any different type of shoe.

Here you see them with ballet flats...

With heels...

With boots...

... and with sandals.

I will most likely wear these into fall/ winter as well because they are dark enough to work well with that season. These jeans are excellent for a casual nautical look all the way to a dressy evening look.

I always ask any company I feature if they can give you a discount code for those of you who are interested in purchasing. Mott & Bow have given us a discount code. Use code JLS10 for 10% off your order (this is valid until July 31, 2019).

I hope you enjoyed today's review. If you have a pair of jeans you love, let us know in the comment section below.

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Donna said...

Dear Jennifer, those jeans are perfect on you!!! Just perfect.

Mimi Gregor said...

My jean preference is black with a skinny leg, high waist, and a crop length, as I am short and do not like to have to hem pants. I was fortunate to find a J Brand jean in my size in a consignment shop and it really fits me well. However, it is an expensive brand and they no longer carry that style anyway. I was browsing in Ann Taylor and found a similar fit and style in their petite section at a MUCH more affordable price. It just never occurred to me to look for jeans there, as I associate them with dressier clothing.

JennyP said...

Very attractive and versatile I cannot resist red shoes 🙃(Smiling from Australia)

The Mad Mex said...

What are those ballet flats?!? I love them!!

Kgirl said...

What a classic pair of jeans. They also look like London Sole flats? I have a pair in black. It was all going so well until you said 'bootie'....argh, noooooo *covers ears, cringing*. Ankle boots. That other word really makes me shudder. I feel like it should come with a warning or something.