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The Chic Assignment June 2019 | Jennifer L. Scott

Welcome to The Chic Assignment for June, 2019!

As we move into the summer season, I am looking forward to incorporating seasonal qualities to The Chic Assignments. I really enjoyed reading your experiences with the May assignment and can't wait to share this month's Assignments with you.

🎵 Chic Assignment no. 1 Listen: Maurice Ravel's Boléro This is the type of iconic piece that everyone should hear in its entirety at some point in their life. I am linking a YouTube video here with a performance from the Wiener Philharmoniker conducted by the great Gustavo Dudamel. This is not the type of piece you will listen to every day. Even if you only listen to it once while puttering around the house, you've completed the assignment!

There is something mesmerizing about this music. My baby sat watching Gustavo Dudamel conducting and when the piece was over, he clapped! Talk about art appreciation!

📖 Chic Assignment no. 2 Read: A Shakespeare Sonnet

Shakespeare season is upon us: festivals, Shakespeare in the park.... there are many amazing opportunities to see performances, but many of us don't have the time or are not able to find a local production. This month we are going to find one Shakespeare sonnet and read it. One day, take a few minutes to sit down in your reading nook and read the sonnet. If it is difficult to understand (because, let's be honest, they often are!), look up a commentary on it. Let us know which Shakespeare sonnet you chose and how you enjoyed it! I'll be sharing mine during the mid-month check-in. Here is a wonderful resource which lists all of the Sonnets for you to read.

🍴 Chic Assignment no. 3 Dine al fresco Take the opportunity at least once this month to enjoy the fine weather and dine outside. Whether you take a coffee and a croissant on your balcony, or you have a dinner party outside, celebrate the spring/ summer transition by dining al fresco. For all of our Southern Hemisphere friends, dine in a way that celebrates the autumn/ winter season.

💧Chic Assignment no. 4 Drink more water I always need to work on this one... I have plenty of coffee and tea throughout the day, but when it comes to drinking water, I have to force myself to get anywhere near the recommended amount. Do you struggle with this too? Let's cheer each other on this month as we try to drink more water. I usually have a tall glass of water with lemon upon waking and this month I am going to try to drink my recommended amount each day. Here is an article that shares some of the many benefits to drinking enough water.


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📍Check out my friend, Nikki Moreno's, In Your Words film for June, which was shot in the beautiful Utah mountains. I just love her artistic films!

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Comment of the Week Sara B. writes, "I can’t stop thanking you for all your suggestions! Reading your books and watching your videos has made me discover new music (5 new albums of classical and jazz music that I absolutely love!), books (just ordered the first Mapp and Lucia book, Queen Lucia! Paperback and in Italian, for an easy and relaxing reading :) and ways of dressing! You’re elegant and classy but so kind and humble!!! You rock! 🤗"

Thank you so much, Sara! I'm so excited for you to join the Mapp & Lucia book club with us. You have time to read all the books as we are starting late summer.

I look forward to doing The Chic Assignment with you all and can't wait to hear your findings! Please share them below.

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Polly said...

This is the first Chic Assignment video that I've had the chance to watch, but I loved it and began laughing almost immediately, b/c my husband listens to Bolero constantly. If he washes dishes after dinner or is working on his laptop (both happen most days), he listens to it over and over again! I introduced it to him a few years ago; it was one of my grandmother's favorite pieces of music. Then I had to smile even more because of the Shakespeare assignment! I am a great lover of Shakespeare (in fact, am presenting a workshop on him at the Charlotte Mason Institute's Eastern conference in a couple of weeks). I will be sure to read a sonnet or two as I finish preparing my talk!

The nudge to dine alfresco is a very good one. I've just been setting up our patio for "good weather", so I think I'll take your challenge and scrub down the pretty patio table and put out a plant, and be sure we *use* that space.

Unknown said...

I am a new follower of your blog--I began following you last month. I just want to say that I love the Chic Assignments! The one for May was my first, and I loved doing everything. I could not wait to wake up today and see this month's. I can't wait to begin! Thank you so much for what you do! - Ashlyn

Teri said...

What an absolute joy it was to watch this performance. It reminded me of how much I loved playing in concert band when I was in high school. As a flute player, I always sat underneath the band conductor's nose (literally) and I enjoyed watching his facial expressions and passion as he directed. I felt that all over again as I watched Gustavo Dudamel conduct this performance. I've been thinking about picking up my flute again to play purely for my own pleasure. Watching this performance has inspired me to do so. Thank you!

Susanne said...

With regard to drinking more water, I heard it said that it's easier to drink more if you have a water bottle with a straw, and I've found it to be true--for some reason, the straw makes it easier.

Thanks for another inspiring assignment, Jennifer!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Ladies, thank you for taking part in The Chic Assignment! I loved reading your comments and am so happy that Boléro has brought back good memories for you. I think you for being such an integral part of this blog!



PenelopesMom said...

This is my second month participating the the Chis Assignment and I am looking forward to it! Monday is my wedding anniversary so I am thinking to serve our dinner out on our deck to celebrate. Fingers crossed the weather cooperates!