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Outfits of the Week + Swimwear | Ten-Item Wardrobe

This week had me visiting a splash pad, working at home, and visiting a giant convention center, and my ten-item wardrobe served me every step of the way.

I hope you get some ten-item wardrobe inspiration in today's video.

On Day 1, I visited a splash pad with the kids. I like to wear what's called "modest swimwear" as I have had the very unpleasant experience of running around after kids in the water park in a bikini and I vowed to never do that again! It's not for everyone, but for me, I feel comfortable, classy, and prepared for any situation, plus I shield my skin from the hot sun. I bought this suit a few years ago, but am linking similar tops here and similar bottoms here. Here is a link to a similar navy visor I like to wear to shield my face form the sun. My phone case is by Casetify.

On this rather quiet, yet productive day, I'm wearing the LL Bean floral dress and the Kork Ease sandals. On my nails, Londontown guilty pleasure Use code JenniferS for 25% off

Ben and I visited the Homeschool Convention today and attended a casual concert in the evening. To be comfortable walking around, I am wearing my flat nude patent sandals, olive dress, and denim tie-up blouse (the Morning Lavender one is nearly sold out, so I am linking a similar one here from Lulus). I ran into Daily Connoisseur reader, Evangelia, at the Homeschool Convention. Hi Evangelia! xx

Day two of the convention and this time I am with the kids and they are attending a concert, which means a lot of movement. I'm wearing my new Mott & Bow Jeans (I love these jeans! Use code JLS10 for 10% off and the short sleeve sweater (which is in my extras).

On this final day, I was recovering at home from being ill. I'm wearing my navy brushstroke dress, braided headband from Madison Braids (two-strand in brunette) For other hair colors who are interested in the two-strand, click here. All braided headbands can be found at Madison Braids and navy bow flip flops (linking similar). My friendship bracelet is from Ana Luisa Jewelry Use code Jennifer10 for $10 off

I also show my exercise-wear on day 5. Here I am linking my joggers and Nike (similar) shoes.

Thank you for joining me for this outfit of the week video.

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Comment of the Week
Janet W. writes, "Oh Jennifer. My husband and I went out to dinner on Father's Day and the music was playing quietly in the background when all of a sudden Bolero started playing. My husband thought it was quite nice that we were serenaded with The Chic Assignment for this month. Thank you for your lovely inspirations."

Hi Janet, how neat that Boléro was playing in a public place! I am used to hearing pop songs everywhere I go. I had to visit the dentist yesterday for a root canal and, once again, the music was dreadful! I would have loved to hear Boléro instead.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of Outfits of the week! My friends Nikki Moreno, Hilary from Old World Home, and Robin from Faith and Flour also do outfits of the week. Check out their videos for even more capsule wardrobe inspiration.

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Karen said...

Love, love, love these videos of the outfits of the week! They are very inspiring! I hope that the chambray tied crop top comes back in stock before fall. :-) I thought I'd add it for my fall wardrobe. In Nashville, it's just too hot right now. I hope that you enjoyed the Homeschool convention. You must've been at a Great Homeschool Convention as Andrew Peterson was there. We go to the one in Cincinnatti OH and we enjoyed him also. Fun fact...he lives close to us and our kids have run cross country with his kids. Small world. :-) The concert that he does at Christmas is amazing if you ever have a chance to see it. I love that Ben went with you to the convention. My husband and I have been going to conventions together for 15 years....and our kids enjoy them too.

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Pj said...

A tip to "drown out" dreadful dentist office music is to quote Bible memory verses! I like to memorize chapters, and when I begin to review them while my mouth is being worked on, my mind is taken away so that I do not want to come back to what is going on at the present. :)

I enjoyed listening to "Bolero" this month! I first heard it when it was used by an ice dancing couple during the Olympics, and found it very exciting!

I hope to check out the other gals' ten items choices! Thank you for sharing the links.