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Weekly Outfits from my Ten-Item Wardrobe | New Jeans & Top

Welcome to another week of outfits for ten-item wardrobe inspiration. This week we are attending a Memorial Day BBQ and even a wedding. This was a fun week and I have some new items to share with you, including new jeans (Yay! Plus, I got a discount code for you. See below) and a wonderful versatile new shirt.

LL Bean polka dot dress
, cropped navy cardigan, my phone case is by Casetify

LL Bean floral dress, tie-waist cardigan (similar)

nautical stripe shirt, denim skirt, navy cardigan, Kork-ease sandals, on my nails: Londontown guilty pleasure Use code JenniferS for 25% off your order.

Red floral blouse, Lands' end jeans (This is the last time you'll see these jeans. I am donating them. I am linking my new Mott & Bow jeans here), leopard sandals

Olive LL Bean dress, Garnet Hill sweater, tan waist belt, nude patent sandal

Sea foam fit and flare dress, NEW denim top from Morning Lavender (wonderful cropped, tie-front top that is great for layering), nude patent sandal

Blush lace tee, nude camisole, Mott & Bow mom jeans I LOVE these new jeans and will do a dedicated review. I reached out to the company to ask for a discount code. Use code JLS10 for 10% off

A.P.C. dress (linking similar here, here, and here), Kork-ease sandals, Daily Connoisseur mug

Wedding guest outfit: Floral maxi dress (linking similar here ), tan pashmina, nude clutch, Ferragamo heels

Much of the jewelry, with the exception of the gemstone jewelry for the wedding, is from Ana Luisa: Use code Jennifer10 for $10 off your order

I hope you enjoy today's video.

๐Ÿ“The Chic Assignment for June was announced this weekend. I hope you'll join us!

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Comment of the Week
On The Chic Assignment for June, Amy writes, "Winter has arrived in Sydney but today I am off to the local National Park to some fresh air where I will have a picnic lunch and listen to Bolero. Maybe the kookaburras might enjoy that piece of music"

Wonderful, Amy! I hope you enjoyed your afternoon. It sounds like a lovely plan. Thank you to everyone who checks in with their Chic Assignment findings.

Thank you for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed this outfits of the week inspiration! Let me know which look is your favorite and how your ten-item wardrobe is coming along and your comment could be chosen as comment of the week on the blog. See you soon!

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Karen said...

I love your weekly outfits videos!! You think of ways to wear your outfits that I've never thought of. One thing I've realized is the importance of your "extras". For example, I only have 3 lightweight cardigans in basic colors. I see how having different lengths and styles can really change up your outfits. I tend to do the same thing with shoes. I'd love to hear your thought process in choosing your extras to help vary your outfits. Thanks!

Jo said...

Baby is just adorable, and the flower girls so beautiful!
Please share info about your new wedge shoes. Thank you : )

Deborah said...

I can see it: Connoisseur Chic Clothing!
And if/when you do, one thing I always wish is that there were options on skirt lengths. Most clothing styles are offered various sizes and colors, but not various lengths. I can't tell you how many skirts or dresses I would love to have but they aren't long enough. And pockets! I need a right-hand pocket for my phone, on which I listen to all my audio books/sermons.
So, if you're collecting ideas for a clothing line niche, here are a couple ideas. Let your fans know when you're ready for more ideas!
I have ordered the cropped cardigan to wear over a couple dresses. I hope I look even half as good as you do in yours!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

Karen, thank you! Yes, I think the ten-item wardrobe forces you to get creative with how you style your outfits and well-rounded extras like cardigans really help. I like to wear neutral shoes... I find they go with everything.

Jo, thank you so much! Those wedge shoes are not new, but from Talbots about 3 years ago... If I find the exact ones I can link them.

Deborah, I see it too! I would love to have my own line one day. Thank you for your suggestions! Enjoy the cropped cardigan!

Thanks for your input, ladies!

Jennifer xx

DJ said...

Hi Jennifer, this was a really good video! You are so creative and chic. I'm going to think of you from now on as Madame Chic because you are!!! To think you've put together such a lovely wardrobe, and you are still nursing, is just amazing!!! You looked beautiful in your floral maxi dress - you were even color coordinated with the wedding party!! Your girls were just precious and I loved getting a glimpse of the baby!!! Looking forward to an update on your kitchen project. Thank you for sharing. (donna)

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Vicki Zimmerman said...

Now, THIS, is the way to dress and what a week it was! Well, technically, I should say, "what a season it was" because your wardrobe is chic, polished, wearable and looks oh-so comfortable. I love your individual pieces and how you've styled them here. I have a question about the cream Garnet Hill sweater you layered: Didn't you also buy a navy one and would that work as a layered piece over your darker navy dresses? Or, perhaps the cropped Boden cardigan fits the bill. I really like your nude wedge sandals as others have mentioned and your footwear on any day is so pretty and refined. I'm happy you found replacement jeans and I've been quite pleased with my Lands End jeans as I bought them in a petite and they seem to be retaining their shape. Lastly, the photos of your smiling little one was so precious and your daughters looked so beautiful for the wedding. Your life is rich, full and so inspiring. Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing it all.